Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

These numbers about inequality of lifespan are all about where people die, not where they were born and or raised.

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  1. Timmy, we must eliminate inequality in lifespan as well as in wealth. You will report for termination immediately.

  2. All spot on, but that doesn’t leave much room for nice middle class sinecures ‘working’ to relieve such awful ‘inequalities’ now does it?

  3. Could the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet be due to the affluent retirees from more miserable climates heading south to die somewhere more congenial, leaving their poorer, sicker contemporaries to hope for a speedy end to living in damp, grey misery?

  4. Yes, the lifespan data doesn’t tell us that Glasgow is a violent plague-ridden slum; but it does tell us that people flee the city at the first chance they get. We might therefore choose to direct public money towards making it a bit nicer. (Or we might not; but at least it would be an informed decision.)

  5. Broadly speaking, it’s the warmer parts of the UK that have the longer life expectancies. That just proves that Global Warming is a jolly good thing.

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