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At the ASI.

I have a feeling that female social mobility is higher than male. Discuss.

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  1. Try reading Jane Austen, Tim. She’s not the only novelist for whom female social mobility (or at least immobility) is of burning importance.

  2. It is much easier for a working class girl with nice tits to move up the social ranks than it is for a working class bloke with a good chin. QED.

  3. @ Mike Power
    But a lot of nurses were middle-class girls with a “calling”…
    It was the barmaids who married medical students that were upwardly mobile.

  4. Not sure this is strictly social mobility. The wife takes on the rank of the husband, true. And especially so if she marries above her “class”.
    But it doesn’t move the family up the tree.

  5. Vicky Price, Katie Price, Prince Charles’s wife (granddaughter of a grande horizontal) any number of wanabees in the third column of the daily mail.
    And what have we blokes got to show? Piers Gaveston? The Duke of Essex?

  6. JimW, maybe if Sharon Poleclimber from Hollygrove Street bags Viscount Fraffly-Posh of Trumpington she isn’t miraculously propelled into the aristocracy, but her kids bloody well are. That’s a jackpot genetic win.

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