Timmy elsewhere

I seem to have started at Pando Daily.

A certain M. Andreessen is at least partially resonsible for this. I’m happy, hope he is.

7 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Hey Tim, I’d have thought you at least would have got the exchange’s name right. It’s not ‘Mt. Gox’ (Mount Gox). It’s MtGOX: Magic the Gathering Online Exchange.

    I can’t help thinking that rather fewer people would have trusted them with their bitcoins had that been better known…

  2. Doesn’t the existence of viruses for operating systems tell anyone anything here? That whatever you can build a computer, and its software, to do, someone somewhere will find a way of subverting it. In fact most days rather a lot of people find some other interesting way of subverting it. And with btc there is immediate free and untraceable money to be had – rather riskier, less certain with viruses.

    And the more time passes the more such abuses will become known. Eventually one will become routine, anyone can do it, and that will kill btc.

  3. @ big
    Nearly forty years ago I got lumbered with various jobs including checking the computer print-out of investment transactions undertaken by my elders and betters. 18 months later a new, young, quite bright, enthusiastic lad is sent along by the Big 5 firm to audit our accounts and he actually comes and talks to me (unlike his predecessor). So I explained to him the system and all the checks to make sure nothing went wrong, but I finished by pointing out that since I had to correct all the typing errors by the less than wonderful data-input-females in our other office I could change anything. You should have seen his face!

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