Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

How can you cooperate with people if you don’t have a competition to see who you’re going to cooperate with?

4 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. I like this…

    “…CEOs, scientists, engineers, investors, and inventors around the world are pioneering better ways to create great products…”

    “better” now that’s an idea to explore isn’t it. How do we decide what is “better”? Competition perhaps?

  2. Think you miss the point, there.
    Fluffy Bunny Incorporated wants your cooperation in marketing its product. Buy the Bunny. And it doesn’t need any distractions from marketing its product. Buy the Bunny. Like competition from Global Fluffytoy Megacorp. Buy the Bunny, or else we’ll come round & break your legs.

  3. Dunno about not always being on the lookout for new suppliers. If you are pretty much the only game in town (ahem) it might well look like none of your customers are constantly looking to change supplier.

    From my POV, if things don’t change soon then outsourcing managers will be above even management consultants on the “being up against the wall” precedence when the liberal revolution comes.

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