A little South Park story

When we first moved from Russia to the US I told the Mrs. that US TV was going to be pretty boring. Not that Russian TV was all that much, but the Yanks really weren’t going to allow anyone to swear, crack rude jokes or, well, to a large extent, do anything that normal people do and TV stations the world over show them doing. And the comedy really wasn’t all that funny either.

So, we sat down our first evening of having moved, snacks and booze to hand, very domestic like, turned on the TV and caught part of the first season of South Park.

She’s not really believed me on a whole host of issues ever since.

5 thoughts on “A little South Park story”

  1. isn’t this about the difference between cable and broadcast TV? Broadcast is something everyone can see, and you haven’t opted-in, but with cable (Comedy Central?) you have opted in.

    It’s why we’re getting things like Game of Boobs and The Sopranos – they’re coming from cable channels, not the likes of ABC.

  2. Axis war crimes Andy

    This would have been in, what, the mid to late 1990s? If so your prediction turned out to be totally off!


    ‘Few glories’? I appreciate that our tastes are subjective, but there are more than just ‘a few’ glories of American TV. For the past decade and a half American TV has been far superior to British TV.

  3. If you put the good filter on I think England does quite well. If you put the great filter on there are more USian programmes

  4. Highly recommend the new South Park video game. It’s got the whole family into Ned, and Officer Barbrady, and Tom’s Rhinoplasty.

    Just don’t let Al Gore friend you on facebook, or he’ll rope you into the hunt for Manbearpig.

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