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A rather nice piece on Nigel Farage

Here, by Martin Durkin.

Mr Farage, I realised, is a passionate man. He has a romantic attachment to history and Britain and Europe. Surprisingly perhaps, he really loves Europe (he’s worked for a French company; his wife is German) and clearly enjoys going there. More than anything, however, he is passionate about his political beliefs. When he speaks of liberty, he does it with a certain something in his voice and a glint in his eye.

That bit about Europe applies to many of us in UKIP. It’s not the place, people, nations, cuisines or any of that that we despise. It’s the system of governance that we want to leave, nowt else.

10 thoughts on “A rather nice piece on Nigel Farage”

  1. In Brussels airport at the moment are large advertisements promoting voting in the euro elections. They have a picture of one or more people who are apparently going to decide who is in charge in Europe.

    Which is a lie.

    They are going to vote for a regional party list to indirectly determine who will accept or vote against laws written by the unelected commission.

    Frankly, what’s the point of a parliament that cannot propose legislation itself?

  2. Farage is riding for a fall: he may do well in May, but to what end? It looks, Tim, to the many in Britain fed up listening to his fiscal unrealism, that he is a man who wants a perch from which to eat nice dinners and play the outsider. The one thing he has learnt is not to repeat that sympathy-vote plane crash stunt in the general election. A pity. Clegg, an equally dreadful little man, got the better of him last week, despite what YouGov says. Farage is not a serious operator.

  3. A politician willing to sustain serious injury & risk of death in an attempt to garner favour in an election he hasn’t a prayer of winning must have cajones the size of coconuts. NF can only rise in our esteem.

  4. @ TGR.
    If you think telling porkies and not answering questions made Clegg the winner then you obviously watched a different debate than the rest of us.

  5. OK I get the message. My vote is in the bag. Reservations crumble under the weight of friends’ enthusiasm, and my contempt for the opposition.

  6. A similar article from Canadian American Mark Steyn ‘Nigel vs the lunatic mainstream’ made a similar point – however, anti UKIP media types terrified of losing a free lunch and anyone in the over bloated bureaucracy (be it European or domestic) are actually terrified. If you’ve enjoyed living high off the taxpayers’ dime for three decades, anyone threatening to take that away poses a mortal threat – hence the vitriol which he attracts. Let’s hope he climbs still higher….

  7. Bloke in the pub with strong but ill founded opinions

    ” It’s the system of governance that we want to leave, nowt else.”

    Does that mean that with a few tweaks to voting systems UKIP would be pro EU membership? Genuinely curious.

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