An interesting number

His father led the Labour Party to defeat in the 1992 general election, and served as a European Commissioner for a decade before becoming a life peer. His mother, Glenys, was a member of the European Parliament before joining the Lord. The couple have collected six public sector pensions between them, worth an estimated £185,000 a year.

Hmmm. So, Neil gets an MP’s pension, an EU Commissioner one. Does he also get something for having been Leader of the Opposition? Mary Glenys gets an MEP’s one, A Ministerial one and probably a teacher’s one (although that will be small).

And, of course, they both get attendance at the HoL, worth perhaps £100k a year between them if they’re there often enough.

Anyone seen the full calculation of their six pensions? Did Guido or someone do it originally?

8 thoughts on “An interesting number”

  1. These two highlight one of the main things wrong with politics in the UK, and Europe. The electorate rejected Kinnock outright in a General Election which was his to lose, yet he and his wife go on to be career politicians with handsome packages anyway.

  2. Bloke with a Boat

    With the rise in red princes, their son now has a pin the rosette on a donkey seat, perhaps Pete Townsend needs to revise the lyrics My Generation to meet the new aristocracy, same as the old aristocracy?

    We were warned though, “..they looked from pig to man …….”

  3. I would have thought this was cheap at the price for getting somebody plausible to wreck the Labour Party particularly as the Welsh Windbag negated all Tony Benn’s attempts to oppose the Right to Buy, which has proved the thin edge of the Thatcherite wedge in getting a “property-owning” majority of electors to vote for the continuous property-price inflation which is now ruining the economy in both socialist and capitalist terms.You should be honouring this Hero of Homeownerism!

  4. Not as bad as that other Labour leader, Tony Blair, who got himself a job with one of the biggest criminal organisations in the word: J.P.Morgan. I say “criminal” because they’ve been fined £20billion (yes billion, not million) for various crimes, like laundering Mexican drug money.

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