Bit strange

Printer Philip Lewis was looking forward to a relaxing drink after work when he stopped at an Esso garage.

He was in for a disappointment however. The assistant would not serve Mr Lewis, 58, who has a moustache and receding grey hair because he could not prove his age.

Mr Lewis did not have any photographic identification on him – and was forced to leave empty-handed.

Phil used to drink halves of bitter in the OGT.

Ah well, tempus mutandis and all that.

10 thoughts on “Bit strange”

  1. In that case he was breaking the law because he did not have his 2-part drivers license with him. You sure this isn’t an urban myth in the making?

  2. In an era of overzealous, petty policing and demonisation of alcohol, what incentive does the guy behind the counter have for serving somebody with no ID? Better to cover your arse, refer to “the law” and thus Britain slips a little bit further towards becoming the most dull, regulated place on earth after Australia. You can’t blame the employee, blame the twats who have worked their whole lives to bring about this state of affairs.

  3. When I did my personal licence course (for running bars etc), we were told of a chap who was IDed in a supermarket for a bottle of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce (2% ABV or so, and therefore “alcoholic” for licensing purposes), and as the OAP didn’t have ID he was quite rightly refused service.

    Quite rightly by the cashier, who was following the shop’s internal processes (EPOS flashes up “check ID”, so you check ID), that is; though it was pointed out that perhaps the processes could use some work… 🙂

  4. Plus, also…Esso. Never viewed alcohol the same since Exxon Valdez. It still haunts them. Even at Xmas parties, they have been know to insist it is consumed in a separate room. By contrast, the French do well to keep wine out of the office.

  5. Personally, I cheer every time this sort of thing happens, because it is concrete evidence of the sheer insanity of devolving every tiny aspect of our lives over to the bureaucrats and politicians who appear to believe it is possible to regulate everything that we do.

    At one end, this bollocks. At the other end, ‘Baby P’.

    More of the former please, much much more.

  6. He should have put the money on the counter and just walked out with the bottle. Co-operate with the photo-id shite and it will be identity cards next.

  7. Wife worked on a checkout at a supermarket and was required to check buyer’s ID and other people with them too if was a chance of buying for someone else.
    Internal processes don’t have to make sense, just have to cover the company’s ass.

  8. In parts of the US, when going for a drink with a mature female, it’s considered polite to covertly bribe the bartender to card her (demand she shows ID).

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