From Mr. Serwotka

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “The rhetoric from the government on the need to tackle tax avoidance, which deprives our economy of tens of billions of pounds every year, is completely undermined by its actions.

Err, no.

It might deprive the Treasury of tens of billions, the public purse, public services even, but it doesn’t deprive the economy.

8 thoughts on “From Mr. Serwotka”

  1. But, even if he doesn’t believe the bullshit (which he probably does), he’s got to act as if he believes the bullshit.

    Otherwise it is just “Give us more money. Well, because …”

  2. Tim sets the calculation out correctly, which should be obvious but for some reason isn’t. From there you decide what sort of economy and country you want. Your answer depends on you and your outlook.

    As regards HMRC, we should ask the question: who knows best how to conduct its business; Edward Troup, with his experiences, or Mark Serwotka with his? Ritchie is certain it’s Mark. In fact he’s so very certain he’s taken to hero-worship, tweeting his delight at Cardiff winning football matches and name-checking Serwotka. But then, he is in Serwotka’s pay isn’t he.

  3. Serwotka is a sharp-suit wearing (he even looks more than a bit like Derek Hatton) twat. His interest is in using his members contributions in promoting Marxist tripe–hence Ritchie the (cash-powered) battery boy. His track record of protecting his dues-paying members from the shit handed out by NuBluLabour is abysmal.

  4. If money that could go to HMRC from the likes of Google, Amazon etc in tax is sucked out of the UK then it is lost to the UK economy?

  5. BraveFart,
    When pounds leave the UK, they always have to come back: because you can’t spend them in other countries.

  6. And which government is cutting back/jumping on egregious tax avoidance that amounts/borders on evasion? (If anyone says tax avoidance is not evasion: my response is “generally yes, but not if you are using Jimmy Carr’s scheme”). That would be the Conservative-LibDem coalition while New Labour created all sorts of new tax avoidance schemes and turned a blind eye to the “tax minimisation” advice.

  7. TIm is right according to our frame of reference – but Serwotka is right according to his: for all wealth, in Serwotka world, rightfully belongs to the State, and anything not under the control of the State is lost.

    How does it go? Oh, yes: “Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato.”

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