Further to the subject of Duncan Weldon at Newsnight

Some Tory Tosspot or other:

Newsnight were clearly so enamoured with Duncan’s politics that they turned a blind eye to the proper processes. Let’s hope they’ll distance themselves from his biased claims and scaremongering about the government’s economic policy as well as his fascist past.’

Jeebus. If we were all judged by the political ideas we had when we were 16 then we’d all be in a certain amount of trouble, wouldn’t we?

Back of the guy. Let’s find out how good he is at the journalism shtick, eh?

16 thoughts on “Further to the subject of Duncan Weldon at Newsnight”

  1. So he went from espousing national socialism to espousing marxist socialism. That’s not too much of a jump ideologically, but still enough for a grown man to be embarrassed over.

  2. Personally, although my political ideas at 16 were relatively uninformed, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be judged on them now.

    Admittedly, Arnald, DBC Reed et al would still despise for them (although I was significantly less cynical about other people’s motives back in those days.)

  3. Oh I don’t know, it only seems to be a hindrance if your teenage dalliance was to the right, rather than the left. Most of the last Labour government were out and out Communists in their younger days, well out of their teens in fact. Being a supporter of a mass murder cult didn’t seem to stop them climbing the greasy pole.

  4. >Let’s find out how good he is at the journalism shtick, eh?

    Past evidence tells us that he’s likely to be about as good as all the other lefties appointed to similar positions at the BBC, ie. not much good at all.

  5. “Jeebus. If we were all judged by the political ideas we had when we were 16 then we’d all be in a certain amount of trouble, wouldn’t we?”

    It’s exactly this public school, play a straight bat attitude that has allowed the left to prosper with so little hindrance..
    This is not a game with rules observed by all & an umpire to ensure fair play. If the positions were reversed, the left would be quite happy to use something said out of turn at kindergarten, if they though they could profit by it. They understand how the game’s played. Dirty & to win.

  6. I seem to remember that they were quite happy to have a go at Nigel Farage for some teenage ‘fascist’ views.

  7. socialist must be opposed always and everywhere, they know who they hate and never stop, its no good being fair minded about how they do their job.

    Know your enemy and know that he is always your enemy.

  8. It’s always the same mistake. The belief, to act like them makes one no better than them. It’s based on the false premise, one will be respected for acting honourably. One is only respected for acting honourably if one does it whilst winning. Only in fiction is there respect for an honourable loser. In the real world, the most can be expected is pity. Win & the world will be only too happy to forget how one triumphed., honourably or not. One will be, after all, the one writing the history.

  9. Not just aberrations from teenage years that need to be swept aside, of course.

    Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt at the NCCL were all in long trousers when campaigning for PIE to poke people still in shorts.

  10. There’s something important going unacknowledged in (most of) these arguments, and that is the underlying probability that somebody with a certain level of education is going to be left or right wing.

    For example we would expect the BBC to be staffed by people with a certain level of educational attainment. If the BBC chose randomly (i.e. in an unbiased fashion) from the pool of people above certain qualification thresholds, what proportion of BBC staff should we expect to hold left wing views?

    It’s well known that virtually all academic disciplines outside of economics are extraordinarily left-wing. Not just the arts, but sciences too. The rest of academia despises economists for a variety of reasons, chief amongst which is the perception that we are a bunch of right wing bastards.

    In fact economists are mostly left wing. I don’t have UK data but in the US Democrat voting economists outweigh Republicans 2.5 to 1.

    I’d have thought it might be a reasonable idea for the BBC to recruit its economics correspondents from the pool of people with an economics education. If they did no in a politically blind, unbiased, fashion, we should expect to see a large majority of economics correspondents who right-wingers could claim are left wingers on the basis of their voting habits.

  11. Close the BBC down. And all non-science University facilities–then we will see about left-wing education. If the middle class want socialist indoctrination they can get it privately, at their own expense without money stolen from anti-socialists like me.

  12. One can see your point, Luis.
    And as there are more clothing shops than electrical outlets, in the high, one would obviously buy one’s TV from Felicity’s frocks.

  13. There is a difference between being ‘left-wing’ and being quite as parti pris as Weldon is. Open and recent membership of a political party ought to discount one from a post as significant as this.

    It is, obviously, perfectly possible to believe this and not think that the BBC is engaged in some sort of left-wing conspiracy to keep Labour in power.

  14. Well the revelations in the Mail on Saturday certainly make for interesting reading. Can one really think that if a ‘right wing’ candidate for the Newsnight job had confessed to being involved in BNP leafleting in his teens he’d be being defended by the BBC as a suitable candidate for the job?


    I think its an obvious demonstration of the ‘If you’re left wing your ethics and principles are undoubtedly pure, and any facts to the contrary can be safely discounted, whereas if you’re right wing you are fundamentally suspect and must prove your decency beyond all doubt’ concept.

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