Glorious, glorious, Ritchie


You’re getting pretty tedious on this point, to be polite

The position is clearly not clear

If it was no guidance would have been needed on any tax and nor would HMRC say it will need to revisit the issue

Quite simply, you are wrong


To provide the background here.

So, HMRC update their advice on how Bitcoin is to be taxed. Ritchie complains because it doesn’t make clear how seigniorage profits will be taxed. We all tell him that this is obvious and no guidance is needed on this point.

Ritchie’s response is as above. That obviously it wasn’t obvious other wise why would HMRC issue guidance?

But HMRC didn’t issue guidance on how seigniorage will be taxed therefore it must, by Ritchie’s latest argument, be obvious, no?

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  1. Half his problem is that he cannot write for shit. At least idiots like Laurie Penny can write well, and can turn a phrase or two. Even if this clot had something sensible to say, he’d mangle it so badly it would be painful to read.

    The other half of his problem is that he is clueless.

  2. This from a man who proclaims that, to paraphrase:

    ‘neoliberalism does not debate – it is akin to a religious faith whose adherents assert, rather than debate’

    So I guess ‘Quite simply,you are wrong’ constitutes debate in his mind?

    Tim Newman- absolutely correct. I disagree with 99% of what, for example, Sunny Hundal or George Monbiot say but at least it has a degree of coherence – his tergiversations are staggering to behold……

  3. Many of his problems are caused by his blogging style. He churns out several pieces a day and tries to make every one “significant”. It’s impossible to have a consistent and well thought through position in every post due to the sheer quantity of writing on such broad subjects. But he treats his every utterance as set in stone wisdom that cannot be challenged.

    The high frequency/high turnover blogs work if the author is willing to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them (putting myself up for an OBN, this seems to be our genial host’s style).

  4. The ideal retort from Andrew would be


    You’re getting tedious on this point.

    Quite simply, you are a cvnt


  5. @Tim Newman
    “Half his problem is that he cannot write for shit. ..The other half of his problem is that he is clueless.”

    With Murphy, there’ll be a third half

  6. A slight deviation from topic, but is Bitcoin mining seigniorage at all?
    As I understand things, ‘Miners’ get paid in Bitcoins to verify transactions & ensure the block chain is correct.
    Which makes mining more akin to what Visa / Mastercard do (i.e. maintain a payment system).

  7. My God! That sentence is just awful.

    “If it was no guidance would have been needed on any tax and nor would HMRC say it will need to revisit the issue”

    It reads like an incoherent rant from a breathless teenager.

  8. Christie

    You are obviously not as familiar with the nuance of such statements from me as I have become

    That statement is obviously laced with nuance that only a neoliberal could miss

    Therefore you are clearly a neoliberal

  9. Murphy

    I have wanted to ask for some time what the WGCE stands for that is used in connection with you – is it some sort of professional qualification in tax or, probably more likely economics with the E at the end?

  10. BraveFart

    I am surprised to find commenting on this, the most neoliberally abusive of sites

    But to answer your question “WGCE” stands for World’s Greatest Courageous Economist

  11. @ portemat
    I have already pointed out that it cannot be
    Seigniorage would be the fees paid to whoever hides behind the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”, which appear to be zero.

  12. Bloke in Costa Rica

    He’s a psychopath. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. I used to think he was just a terrible, terrible person but now I believe he’s actually deranged. He has all the hallmarks of the old-time millenarian cult leaders and their modern day Young Earth Creationist successors, especially the ability to wave off evidence that would contradict his theories.

  13. Christie – surprised Tim hasn’t picked up on that particular post – basically the message is that:

    ‘They’re lying and seeking to undermine me regardless fo what they actually say’

    I am seriously worried the man is heading for a breakdown – that post is worthy of David Icke….

  14. Downham Market fire station burned down last night.

    So they have firemen who can’t deal with fires, tax advisors who get confused with tax… Anything else?

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