Isn’t it interesting watching Tristram Hunt trying to be Labour?

Labour’s education spokesman was last night accused of denigrating hard-working teachers at independent schools by claiming they had an ‘easy gig’.

Privately educated Tristram Hunt also suggested he would sack untrained teachers if he became Education Secretary, and said he would not undo Michael Gove’s school reforms as many were built on Labour policies.

Despite the stupidity of his announced policies I’m afraid that Hunt just brings me out in fits of giggles. It’s well, it’s sorta everything really.

The name, the looks, the voice, the background: anyone less likely to be a Labour MP is difficult to think of. My assumption is that he has mistaken the innate conservatism of the Labour party for being Conservative and is so dim that he actually through he was joining the Tory Party.

7 thoughts on “Isn’t it interesting watching Tristram Hunt trying to be Labour?”

  1. I don’t really see the incompatibility.

    Hunt is an establishment type: son of a peer, history scholar, BBC presenter, heritage lottery fund. Would he want a minarchist government coming in and shutting down the Beeb and scrapping the lottery? He’d have to then compete with all sorts of people who might be able to make better TV shows.

    It’s more complex than Tory and Labour, though. This lot of Conservatives are much keener on the establishment than Thatcher was (which is ultimately why they fail). But even so, Labour are still more pro-establishment than the Conservatives.

  2. When I was young I thought it unfair to mock someone for his name which, after all, was his parents’ fault. Then my wife pointed out that she just changed her name when she went to university. Famously George Osborne changed his too. So I’m afraid that “Tristram” is his own fault. You’d have thought going through school being called Tristram Cunt would have made him a hardy soul, but he still looks like a pants-wetter to me.

  3. ” You’d have thought going through school being called Tristram Cunt would have made him a hardy soul,”

    I’d have hoped his school contemporaries were more imaginative than that. Oh! Public school, No. You’re probably correct.

  4. Is this the right time to point out that his father was removed from being head of the Met Office for dealing infelicitously with the taxpayers’ money?

  5. Trim Nice-but-dim joined during the Blair years, didn’t he? Tony, Tory, simple mistake to make.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Teachers at private schools have an easy gig, do they? The bunch that taught at my school were astoundingly hard-working. Most worked about 8am to 7pm (school was 8.45am to 6.10pm, followed by two hours of prep from 7 to 9pm), and the duty teacher for the week had a 5.30 to 11pm shift. They still had a full teaching load. Every teacher was involved in monitoring games, as well as extra-curricular activities (including at weekends). They got paid perhaps a 10% premium over Burnham. By contrast, at the High School where my sister went, the kids had to be quick on their feet to avoid being mown down by the staff as they peeled out of the car park on the dot of 3pm.

    The teacher training colleges are bastions of Spartist nonsense that have contributed mightily to the utter shittiness of UK State education. No wonder Tristam Cunt wants every aspiring teacher to be fed through the sausage machine. Wanker.

  7. His middle name, William, would have been perfectly serviceable. He has called one of his children Digby. What a twit.

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