Excellent, so we’ve the latest stage in the report that is on the subject of consummate importance for the human species. WTF do we do about climate change?

And the silly bastards can’t actually run a server with enough capacity for the people who want to have a look at the document.

On the .pdf for the summary I get a “503”. And the main page of the working group is entirely offline.

Seriously folks, we’ve put the future into the hands of incompetents.

11 thoughts on “On AR5”

  1. People might laugh at their obviously nonsense pronouncements Tim. Best put off that moment as long as possible!

  2. “can’t actually run a server”?

    It’s not even like you have to run the server. Just find a cloud hosting provider, stick your site on there and rent a load of server instances to deal with the peak of demand. They’re not even running a ticketing site that has dynamic content, just serving up static content.

    You can hire a kid in Bangalore who’d do the job for £50.

  3. From a post by jaunty cyclist At WUWT, the IPCC WGII is out – now the screaming begins.
    “IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri knew what the 2014 report was going to say back in 2009

    “Which brings us to yet another concern. Let us travel back to 2009. The individuals who would write the about-to-be-released climate report hadn’t yet been selected (that didn’t happen until the following year). They hadn’t yet attended any IPCC meetings. Much of the research it would be their duty to evaluate hadn’t yet been published.

    Nevertheless, the IPCC chairman knew – all those years in advance – what their conclusions would be. In September 2009, he told religious leaders in New York: “When the IPCC’s fifth assessment comes out in 2013 or 2014, there will be a major revival of interest in action that has to be taken. People are going to say, ‘My God, we are going to have to take action much faster than we had planned.’”

    Not only did Pachauri know the nature and direction of the IPCC report’s conclusions, he knew these conclusions would be alarming and dramatic.”
    Food for thought?

  4. “WTF do we do about climate change…”

    Adapt and/or find solutions to overcome its affect (like clothing, farming, central heating, air-conditioning, reservoirs, GM food, etc) as we have been been doing for the past few hundred thousands of years.

    May I remind: Mankind lives in a variety of climates on Earth, including extreme opposites, cold… hot.

    Every day thousands fly through the air in machines defying the climate up there which would freeze them to death; and people hurtle round the Earth at breakneck speed where the ‘climate’ can support no life.

    Time to stop worrying. Not least because of the lack of ANY evidence of ‘climate change’ outside natural variability.

    Whither the riding seas; extinct Polar bears; absence of Arctic sea ice; searing temperatures of hot, arid Summers and mild, snowless Winters?

    They were all promised to us within a decade and that was over a decade ago.

    Why do some people insist on believing the say-so of people who profit from it rather than the evidence and science?

  5. Bloke in Central Illinois

    “WTF do we do about climate change…”

    Not to spoil your enjoyment of the 12MB file, but the answer is more central planning, more power over the economy for the bureaucrats and more subsidies for connected rent-seekers. As usual.

  6. It’s worse than we thought!

    If we don’t give them all of our money now, and move into sustainable eco-yurts made of used bin bags, and spend our holidays in a ditch at the end of the road, the planet will punish us with a plague of boils, locusts, infanticide of all firstborn, yadda yadda yadda.

    These fraudsters won’t get off their gravy train voluntarily.

  7. Why do you keep giving them the benefit of the doubt Tim? When does the point come when you decide that it has nothing to do with evidence?

  8. I think you might find that they have had to cut back, their policies having increased power prices so much.

  9. William Connolley

    Did you manage to get the right server this time? Last time you tried a post like this is was a rather embarrassing error on your part.

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