Quiz Time!

No googling. And fill in the blank:

the area of an _____________ for rent calculation purposes is 12.1721 NanoWales.

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  1. I cheated. I didn’t google but I’ve read the register previously and saw it tweeted. You want me to give the plot away to all those who are trying to answer it. Nope. 🙂

  2. Well nano means 1 billionth, and the area of wales is 20761km2, or 20761 million m2. So one nano-wales is one billionth of that which is 20.761m2. 12.1721 of those is therefore 252m2, so its something of that size.

    House building plot?

  3. The David Johnson needs to get a chuffing life. Doesn’t do much for the stereotype of the allotment holder does he?

  4. How many Nanowales per Picobelgium?

    I protest the comparison to Oligarchswimmingpool, that’s a measure of volume. And creating volume out of surface area (such as building multi-storey buildings) is, er, creating value, which we are constantly told cannot be done since we have to live solely off the raw materials of nature’s or God’s bounty.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    252 m^2 is 10 square rods (or square poles, or square perch). But more simply, it’s 1/16 of an acre.

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