Although Qatar has repeatedly denied wrongdoing during the bidding process, it has long been suspected that the decision was flawed, and several members of the Fifa committee have faced corruption allegations.


Where’s the flaw in something being bought and paid for? I mean, at least they did cough up the bribes, right?

Anyway, as we all know, sunlight is the best disinfectant. So, in future, just auction off these rights. If Russia’s willing to pay $50 billion to host Sochi then why not get them to pay $5 billion up front for the rights? Spend the cash on the lifeboats or something.

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  1. Because the money is paid to FIFA board members to nobble votes, rather than to buy the right to stage the event from its rightful owner (FIFA)? I’d call that bribery and corruption.

  2. Is FIFA actually forcing anybody to bid, or to participate? I didnt think so, so if there are willing participants who feel that they want to pay extra, who’s business is it apart from FIFA’s?

  3. As somebody who was apparently born without any inherent capacity at all for the appreciation of “sports” as a worthwhile human activity, I find the whole thing particularly ridiculous. That people will pay to watch other people kick a ball around for 90 minutes genuinely leaves me entirely baffled. I suppose this is some kind of personality disorder. Hey ho.

  4. Also this:

    “At least one bank in the Cayman Islands initially refused to process the payment amid fears over the legality of the money transfer. The money was eventually processed via a bank in New York – a transaction that is understood to have come to the attention of the FBI.”

    Those evil tax havens again…. or not in this case.

  5. Yes, I was saying that I’m the one with the disorder.

    Liberalism increasingly appears to be another one.

  6. The mystery is why this is news.
    Strenuous winter season sporting competition to be held in oven hosted by oil rich camel-jockeys.

    The idea it wasn’t bent would be news.

  7. Dear God, don’t pollute the lifeboats with such money. There aren’t so many genuine charities left that I’d want to see one removed.

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