So, a travel day for me

Meaning that I shall be on a plane during the match.


7 thoughts on “So, a travel day for me”

  1. The revelation of the tournament is just how bad France are. Lucky against England, laborious against Italy, clueless against Wales, lucky against Scotland. (Scotland, FFS!)

    Realistically, given the points difference, England v Wales is for second place.

  2. Well it may be a cliche, but you never know with france…an Ireland win is by no means a shoo in.

  3. @BIF eh? In the last two 6N the French have won three of ten games. They are poor. Basically, no consistent fly half, too much Bastareaud, plus everyone else has worked them out thanks to the Heineken and their top 14 is full of foreigners.

  4. Great game. And for once some half-intelligent commentary from France 2 TV.
    The French press have basically given up on the XV. L’Equipe headlines France were rubbish (after a win) and Midi Olympique devored their colour supplement to why France are rubbish.
    Sad. We need to beat good teams. If they don’t get their act together soon…
    St Andre is not a bad coach (look what he did with Sale) and there isn’t a long queue to replace him, but I reckon he’s going to throw in the towel if Ireland win by 10+
    Sorry you missed it Tim, while you were no doubt reading your free newspaper about the Bratislava Blades and reclining in business class on a Sunday.

  5. Wales brought on Mike Phillips, presumably thinking that what they needed was a bit more indecision at scrum half.

  6. It’s not about Saint Andre – there’s a world of difference between club and country coaching and he doesn’t get enough time with his players. Plus his players (I hate to say it, but thanks to economics) aren’t plentiful (Toulon etc) enough or good enough.

    I am habitually pessimistic about English rugby, but I do think we are perhaps starting to see a good side here.

    Twelvetrees had a very good game, and 12 was a worry for us, and I’m not sure about Nowell and May, yet, but Farrell does seem to be kicking on a bit, to my surprise. We still need a Back-type 7 IMO but….

    Missing Corbisiero, Cole, Croft, Tuilagi, Parling, and with players such as B Youngs, Yarde, Wade, Eastmond, Cipriani, Ford, Trinder, Watson, the Worcester 15 whose name escapes me knocking around… it’s looking not too shabby.

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