So, I don’t trust these memoirs then

Sometimes, it almost got physical, with Healey — an enormous presence and a former beach master at the D-Day landings — aggressively shouting at Hezza to sit down, adding ‘you bastard’ more sotto voce.

Healey was beachmaster at the Anzio landings. Where, I think, he got his MC.

So I think we’ll take the memoirs of Jerry Hayes with a pinch of salt, shall we?

13 thoughts on “So, I don’t trust these memoirs then”

  1. It’s quite a common phenomenon among those with no nose for bullshit. Someone has a distinguished military record, so it’s assumed he took part in D-day. Someone is a distinguished theoretical physicist so it’s assumed he has a Nobel Prize. Someone is a famous aphorist so he must have said “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”. (Though to be fair, I’ve seen that attributed not only to Mark Twain and Ben Franklin, but also to ‘The Good Book’.)

  2. Speaking of memoirs, Denis Healey’s memoir is the finest British political autobiography ever written. A man whose brain was wasted in politics.

  3. Given that Denis Healey presided over an IMF bailout of the pound, perhaps his brain was well suited to politics 🙁

    His autobiography was indeed very good though.

  4. Coincidentally I thought of Mr W annd D day this morning as I got to this…. “The Americans were clearly surprised at French working hours, which ran from 7 in the morning to seven in the evening, but with an hour’s break for lunch and two ten minute breaks at nine and four for a glass or two of wine.” Beevor p.210
    Clearly in 70 years since, the French have taken some of their increased wealth as leisure time.

  5. “Beach Master” sounds like a particularly swingin’ silver age comic book super hero, whose short lived cartoon series on NBC was accompanied by twanging surf guitar music.

    “The nefarious Doctor Neptuno is using his wave-otron to disrupt the waves on the day of the big Surf-In Competition! The fiend! This is a job for BEACH MASTER!”.

    “And don’t forget me, your loyal sidekick BIKINI TEEN!”.

  6. Perhaps he’s getting confused with Kenneth More who played the D-Day Beachmaster (Colin Maud in real life) in the film The Longest Day.

  7. Seeing those cliffs at Anzio caused me to take a fresh look at Denis ‘Silly Billy’ Healey.

    Era un uomo coraggioso, anche i suoi compagni.

  8. “Someone is a distinguished theoretical physicist so it’s assumed he has a Nobel Prize.”

    Someone is a famous ex accountant so it’s assumed he knows what he’s talking about. /subcomment

  9. Edward Lud, “JH has a nose for bullshit. I suspect this was just carelessness.”

    You may be right. But that article was the dreariest, dullest lump of cack ever. Are you going to buy the book? (I’m troubled either way – if yes, you’ll buy any crap, if no, you’ll say anything to support a twat.)

  10. Luke, I won’t be buying the book – I read a review by JH some time back, in the Speccie, and I wasn’t impressed.

    But JH a twat? I grant his media persona might readily lead you to that conclusion and superficially, in person, he plays the buffoon. But I’ve co-defended with him, and he was far more substantial than you might expect. He’s also a decent bloke.

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