So Roy Jenkins was buggering Tony Crosland, was he?

Pity they didn’t both stop there instead of going on to bugger the country.

14 thoughts on “So Roy Jenkins was buggering Tony Crosland, was he?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There is remarkably little evidence in that piece that anyone was buggering anyone else. Crossland may have been gay, or whatever you call it when someone experiments for a hell of a long time, at that time.

    But they have not provided a good reason to think that Jenkins was.

    I wonder why they are pushing this book so hard. Do they think it will discredit or reverse the disastrous social policies of the 60s? They can’t be so naive.

  2. Jenkins always had the reputation for shagging around but only dim-witted proletarians assumed from his manner that he was a turd-nudger. One up to the proles, it would appear.

  3. Crosland managed to do his bit to fark everything up good and proper, but whatever else Jenkins did, he did decriminalise homosexuality and abolish the death penalty.

    Given that I don’t see that the state has any place telling you whom you can consensually shag, and I don’t want it to have the power to legally kill you except very much in extremis (viz you’re an immediate and concrete threat to others coz you’re waving a shotgun around in a shopping centre or similar) I’ll forgive him a good amount for that.

  4. They were a pair of wreckers–shame (if it is true) it didn’t emerge into the light back then. That would have put a spoke in the wheel of socialism and who knows–our schools might be a lot better than there are now.

  5. Back then when I were a lad it was my guess that when the beeb continously overpraised some artist or artiste that the said tosser was either as queer as a nine-bob note, (as we said in those far off days), or a monumental boozer. Or both.

    Seems this was also true of politicians as Crossland was forever being overrated as the greatest politician since Atlee or whoever, when, by his actions and policies, one could only call him a wanker.

  6. sackcloth and ashes

    Another ‘Daily Heil’ smear. Against two dead men who can’t sue.

    Stay classy, Dacre.

  7. You really are a piece of shit Worstall, either do some research to prove the point or STFU. The Daily Mail, is that as good as it gets?

  8. That’s you told, Tim.

    Do some research to establish if Woy owned any Erasure LP’s or a Betamax copy of Xanadu.

  9. Surreptitious Evil

    I have to say, though, in pendantry, that’s an appalling affectation Woy was demonstrating with his SD shirt collar in his wedding pic. Is that an RE officer aberration? Like “gauging”?

  10. Dear Tim,

    There was a time when Labour used to work, at least on paper, for worker’s rights.

    It appears that since 1945 this party in particular have been advocating for the normalisation of all manner of degenerate sexual practices, no doubt with a long term view that that party members in the future will have a greater stock of victims of their own peculiar psycho-sexual deformity to “treat” and “educate”.

    Fucking Helsinki.


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