The Royal Society rather needs to get its act together

Sir Paul Nurse tells us all about a new Royal Society report:

That is why two of the world’s premier science academies, the National Academy of Sciences in the US and the Royal Society in the UK, recently got together to produce a balanced and accessible account of the science of climate change.


So, the link is to this holding page at the web hosting site.

Not good lads.

11 thoughts on “The Royal Society rather needs to get its act together”

  1. Not only that, Timmy has screwed up his cut-n-paste of the Torygraph’s error.

    Naturally, we look forward to Timmy updating his post with an apology. But I won’t be holding my breath.

  2. A pathetic piece of work. More of the same – trust us we’re the experts. Where is the discussion of climate sensitivity? The difference between models and the real world? The pause in the temperature increase? Any discussion of the economic benefits of warming? And so on and on.

    And this:

    How confident are scientists that Earth will warm further over the coming century? Very confident.

    That’s OK then. Glad you’ve assured us with some hard stats there.

  3. dearieme,

    “Has any institution in the country fouled its own nest at the rate The Royal has managed? So sad.”

    The Royal Institution? The RSPCA?

    (There’s not a Royal pattern – the RNLI seem to still be sound).

  4. I imagine that page contains a lot more useful and balanced information on Gorbal Worming than whatever it was they meant to link to.

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