They’re getting a bit desperate, aren’t they?

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has come under fire for using taxpayers’ money to pay for a swanky penthouse suite in Brussels.

The Euro MP, who has previously criticised the European Union for its wastefulness, is renting the luxury property in one of the most exclusive addresses in the Belgian capital.

It is thought to be worth a staggering £500,000 – featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage and a private cellar.

He’s shared it with Godfrey Bloom for however long it is. And seriously, screaming half a million quid is going to make Londoners laugh, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “They’re getting a bit desperate, aren’t they?”

  1. Married MEP with kids rents a 2 bedroom flat. Meh.

    MEP has to live in Brussels which, not least because of MEPs, is expensive. Double meh.

    And I’m not a UKIPer (nor do I live outside the UK. Well, not until September. Possibly.)

  2. Here’s one Londoner laughing at half a million quid for a two-bed flat being described as “staggering”. Try getting the same within walking distance of the Palace of Westminster – two beds seem to start from either “Price on Application” or £90 million quid, whichever turns out to be the higher, and go as low as £2m if you’re willing to walk a bit.

  3. Mr & Mrs Balls got in to trouble over using taxpayers money to _buy_ a £655,000 house in North London (that being their 3rd house). Now, being fair to them (much agin the grain) and as Seamus says, that’s a pittance for London. But getting at any MP or MEP for _renting_ within the allowance is a bit rich.

  4. featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage and a private cellar

    I have a private cellar in my place in Paris, they are standard out here. It is a cupboard the size of a passenger lift. So yes, they are getting desperate.

  5. @Tim N
    What it does show is what a shit-hole London is. Because most of its apartments have been carved out of poorly built & somewhat meager terraced housing, Londoners get excited about facilities taken for granted elsewhere.
    Yet despite this, they also get excited about foreign prices. Their London property is, of course, an “investment” so it’s ludicrous “value” is supposed to be a feature.
    We really should get a class action suit together against the Luftwaffe for their totally inadequate bombing campaign.

  6. If Farage is renting the value of the apartment is immaterial. He doesn’t own it, so he doesn’t benefit from it’s value. Unless they are trying to say that half a million means its a plush swanky place – in which case fail again as it’ll be the normal price for the area, an area used by all MEPs or who ever else works in the EU parliment.

  7. Two bedrooms AND two bathrooms? Gosh, so that’s like any flat built for BTL landlords in the past 20 years in the UK.

    Not exactly Versailles.

  8. Nice choice of picture of Nigel Farage too. Not only is the bastard renting a 2 bedroom flat in Brussels, but he’s laughing at YOU, dear reader.

    And he may or may not have shagged an attractive younger bird. The swine.

  9. Tomorrow in the Mail: how Nigel Farage splurged YOUR money on a luxurious Vauxhall Insignia and tailored suits from the George @ Asda range.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Well, this is the Daily Fail, which has a fixation on house prices that is quite psychotic. It doesn’t matter whether the story’s about someone getting a dodgy perm and all their hair falling out or a maniac killing his wife, three kids and the cocker spaniel, they’ll still manage to work in how much their house cost somewhere.

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