This isn’t a victory for UKIP, it’s a victory for the Lib Dems

Ukip have been given a boost in the run up to the European elections after Ofcom ruled that broadcasters have to treat them in the same way as any other major party.

The decision means Ukip will be given the same status as the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats for election broadcasts and news coverage of the May 22 contest.

The old BBC rules (slightly different from the Ofcom ones) were that the top three parties at the previous election of this type must be treated equally. So, at these coming euros Tory, UKIP and Lab get to be at that top table. The Lib Dems don’t, they having to mull around in the Gods with the Welsh PC lot, the Greens and anyone else who stumps up the money to stand.

This ruling says that the Lib Dems still get to be treated seriously despite coming fourth last time. As I say, it’s a victory for them.

14 thoughts on “This isn’t a victory for UKIP, it’s a victory for the Lib Dems”

  1. UKIP should be thankful for what they get.
    Rules are for little people. The main parties & media unelectorate are far too important to be bothered by trivia like rules. There’s a nation to mismanage.
    At least UKIP’ll get a few weeks of defending against allegations from all comers.
    it’s a start.

  2. You missed a word. “This isn’t a victory for UKIP, it’s a PYRRHIC victory for the Lib Dems”


  3. Lefties will be crying their eyes out. The nearest they normally get to an intelligent argument is insulting their opponents. But now they won’t be able to describe UKIP as “far right extremists” etc. Boo hoo.

  4. Could this have been done to deliberately promote the Lib Dems?
    I’m sure there are more people connected with broadcasting, both producing and in OFCOM, who see themselves as Liberal Democrats than Labourites..

  5. Legally Tim may well be right but in practice the BBC are sufficiently corrupt that they would have defined the LDs as the 3rd party whatever the facts.

    The real importance for this is for the UK elections for which this sets a precedent..

    For the European elections UKIP is not the 3rd party it is generally agreed to be front runner (it may still end up 2nd, that is what democracy is about, but it is certainly the champion to beat). That being the case, with the BBC having a legal duty of “balance” in its Charter the BBC should be having UKIP spokesmen on more often than those of any other party, at least for the 6 months prior to this election. In fact they don’t have them on 1% as often, technically proving the BBC at least 99% corrupt totalitarian fascist propagandists.

    Obviously mere legality is not a consideration either with the BBC nor with the corrupt judicial system which has a nominal duty to enforce the law. But we all knew that already.

  6. It would also help if UKIP wasn’t a one man band.

    It seems Farage is too much of an egomaniac to push his colleagues into the limelight.

  7. @Frederick

    Having spoken at length with someone who’s been invited to be a candidate, so should be close to what purports to be UKIP thinking, personally i regret to say that’d be because they haven’t a clue. Couldn’t get any sort of coherent position on anything, out of him.
    If there’s many more like that around, the last place to let them near is the media. They’d be ripped to shreds.
    I’m not sure what the intellectual underpinning to UKIP is supposed to be. I’d presumed it to be libertarian but it comes over as more LibDem, but anti-EU, anti-global warming, anti-this, anti-that. But you can’t build policy on antis. I couldn’t work out what they were supposed to be in favour of.

  8. In the EU elections the Lib Dems, as a devoutly pro EU party, will mostly take votes from the two major parties. Thus increasing the chances of Ukip ‘winning’ a four way fight as the only anti-EU party.

  9. Surreptitious Evil

    I had a good look at the UKIP policy portfolio come the last round of elections. They have one sensible policy, some aspects of their finance and taxation policy are great (waves at Tim) and the rest is egregious wibble. Populist wibble, true enough but no more grounded in “think they might become the government” than knitting your own yurt era Lib-Dem policies were.

  10. This is good. The BBC will now allow Farage to take part in the GE TV debates then………Surely…………

  11. SE>

    UKIP will never gain direct power in our system because that’s not how the system works. If they have any ideas that really appeal to the electorate, one or other (or both) of the mainstream parties will adopt them in time to prevent major electoral damage.

    Viewed in that light, a single strong idea married to populist wibble is a very reasonable way to seek the indirect power inherent in being able to change the policies of the mainstream parties.

  12. “It’s a bit depressing that we need a State organisation to tell the meedja what to do.”

    When you have a massive State organisation squatting at the heart of the broadcast meedja, that’s inevitable. Who else would they be obliged to listen to?

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