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At the ASI.

Despite our having proved that there are no trafficked women held in sex slavery the idiot politicians are trying to make buying sex illegal in order to protect trafficked women in sex slavery.

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  1. That’s just nuts. The biggest problem of prostitution is related to street-walking, and the most dangerous form of prostitution for women is street-walking. And we’ve now told street walkers that they’ll get less than the current punishment, thereby encouraging street-walking and annoying all the people who have to put up with street-walkers.

    It won’t make much difference anyway. Escorts already word their offering as “time with me and whatever I offer is up to me”. Punters will learn that you never say “how much for a blowjob?”.

    I suspect the whole thing is impractical and everyone knows it. The wimmin will have their victory, someone will write reports saying how wonderfully it’s all working, even when it’s not, and punters will still get serviced.

  2. I cannot for the life of me see what’s wrong with brothels, perhaps licensed and limited to specific areas.

  3. Well, it’s pointless to discuss it really. It’s one of the many “minds already made up” things in politics.

    This is what happens when you let Feminists anywhere near the legislative process. They are insane conspiracy theorists, and everything they say is literally, utterly worthless and, in general also deeply bigoted and malignant.

    But, what’s the point? They have the influence, sane people have none. So they win.

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