Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

WHO is actually quite reasonable on sugar. Nothing at all like the campaigners….

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  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Still, you would think that people weren’t dying somewhere in the world of malaria. And HIV. A cholera come to think of some of the UN’s less glorious military achievements of late.

    Since when did we start funding a body indifferent to the large illnesses of the Third World and obsessed with the dietary fads of the worried well of the First?

  2. Heard this on the radio when I was in the car… passersby looked on askance as I shouted “fuck off, just fuck right off, fuck off and die ” at the radio repeatedly for several minutes…

    Its dangerous having this stuff on the radio, there should be a law against it.

  3. “It’s not stating that fructose is worse than sucrose or glucose.”

    A 50:50 combo of fructose and glucose has the same effect in your stomach as the same total of sucrose, because the enzyme and acidity attack breaks the sucrose molecule that way. However the combo is sweeter in your mouth. So if you like your drink/food at some familiar level of sweetness, go for the combo.

    P.S. A young friend had his first experience of business dining in the US lately. He had to reject some dishes as inedibly sweet.

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