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At the ASI.

Charles Koch turns out to be surprisingly Hayekian

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  1. He does sound very reasonable and straightforward. Unlike most CEO’s these days, who talk mostly in corporate buzzwords and politically correct platitudes.

    America is a funny place sometimes. You’d think from reading lefty commentators that the Koch brothers ground up the bones of the poor to make their bread, and washed it down with orphans’ tears.

    Similarly, when I first visited the US I was surprised to see that Fox News was much like every other news channel in the States, except for its pro-Republican Party bias where the others are to varying degrees pro-Democrat Party. It wasn’t the cavalcade of neo-fascist Christian fundamentalist KKK members the critics of “Faux News” had led me to expect.

    “I mean, how does somebody get started if you have to pay $100,000 or $300,000 to get a medallion to drive a taxi cab?”

    Adam Smith’s insight on what happens when people of the same trade get together holds true to this day.

  2. Both of the Koch’s seem very sound to me. I think this is one of the reasons they left hate them so much isn’t it?

    I used to deal with one of their companies (KMS) quite a lot and they where definitely one of the better outfits to work with.

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