Timmy elsewhere

At Pando. And yes, I don’t normally link to stuff there but this I did particularly like.

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  1. Bong Bong Marcos is (according to a Philppino colleague) considered “knicker droppingly gorgeous” in the Philippines. I’m just saying. What I’m saying I don’t know.

  2. I’m staying at the Victory Services Club in London and they’ve blocked Pando….. bloody nannies

  3. Of course in the circumstances 0.01% extra is nothing to worry about. Thing is, how long does it take to mix down to a more or less even 0.01% extra, and in the meantime do unwanted things happen, like all of Japan’s coastal fisheries getting 100,000% more for several years (the Pacific ocean is pretty big)?

    I like the boiling idea provided you do it slowly enough because that tritium goes into the atmosphere, which I suspect spreads things around more evenly more quickly than the Pacific ocean.

  4. Be interested to know. Is this level of radioactive material any higher than natural runoff from say a geology comprised mostly of granite? Say Cornwall? How much higher?

  5. As an aside, Tim, do you know why you are “cbdhthekmg” on Pando?

    Tim adds: A small screw up in hte way the account was set up. It’s not supposed to say that any more but ho hum.

  6. Beware! there may be thousands of unwanted shoes at the bottom of the Trench. Who knows what was used in their construction?

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