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At the ASI.

The point of student loans. To make obvious the costs to those doing the consuming.

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  1. Meanwhile, a company near me is so desperate for game developers that they’re working with the local college on a course to help get more staff.

    45% of people with degrees can’t earn £21,500? Are they serious? There’s a furniture shop near me paying £16-18K.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The ‘ability to pay’ thing destroys the price signal. It’s the ones that do the useless courses that are more likely to fall below the repayment threshold because they’re unemployable, so the disincentive to do these courses is severely blunted. The fees cap should be completely lifted and loans to go to university treated in exactly the same way as any other borrowing: pay it back or we’ll send the bailiffs. There’s nothing magical about a degree. Maybe it makes you more productive but then so does buying capital equipment.

  3. The problem is that schools brainwash people into going to university and only after people graduate do they find it is a waste of time.
    Student loans will not stop this,sadly it might take until the next generation for people to realise this.

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