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Ragging on Willy Hutton

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  1. You’re understating the case if anything Tim. You defer paying tax from 1985 to 2015 becaause you DEFER TAKING YOUR INCOME. And it is indeed your income; not his.

    Ultimately Will Hutton is a Courageous Stater who neither knows nor cares how things work.

    As an aside, you will remember those ‘apples and pears’ tables from the original Courageous Stater, our Ritchie, comparing tax ‘relief’ on pension contribtions with tax charge on pension withdrawals/payments in the same year, then declaring the State to be getting a very bad deal. Well, those tables never mentioned any reduced cost of gov’t borrowing from forcing funds to invest in gilts. He’s sure as hell compaining about any possible increae now though. So, given tje choice between gov’t revenues and pensioners getting a little bit more, these bastards choose gov’t every time.

  2. We can be confident that you are arguing that WH is an arsehole, so it might be convenient if you were to save us a click by telling us what subject he’s been talking rubbish about this weekend.

  3. I wasn’t sure where else to post this, but since were discussing one clueless blowhard I thought that here was as good a place as any:

    “on my way to Paris to negotiate with the OECD this afternoon….”*

    Who is he negotiating on behalf of? The People’s Republic of Downham Market?

    He’ll be awarding himself medals before long.

    *I leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out who made this comment

  4. It’s very simple, if people are allowed to control their own money, then the chances of Willy getting his hands on it for his own pet projects is made harder. That’s why he is so outraged at this change.

  5. Next week he will rail against “excessive consumption” and call upon the government to encourage saving, especially pensions.

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