Umm, guys, you know prohibition doesn’t work, right?

Medical experts have called for a permanent ban on selling cigarettes to anyone born in this century in a bid to eradicate smoking from Britain entirely.

The radical plan would see the age limit for buying tobacco – currently set at 18 – rise every year until the last cigarette smokers died out, at which point smoking would be illegal for everyone.

Doctors have asked the powerful British Medical Association to lobby the Government for a ban on tobacco sales to people born after the year 2000.

Sigh, apparently not.

4 thoughts on “Umm, guys, you know prohibition doesn’t work, right?”

  1. I’m pretty sure that would be illegal under existing human rights legislation. You can discriminate on the grounds of age yes, but not by virtue of having been born after some arbitrary date. They’d effectively have to re-pass the law every day to make it legal.

  2. I’m getting a bit fed up with all this bollocks.

    Close every school in England a couple of hours early.

    Put some voting booths in.

    Everyone can vote to ban sales of cigarettes and alcohol.

    The non-voters (I nearly typed abstainers!) just have to abide by the decision.

    If the banners win, fine , ban booze ‘n fags.

    Trick is, the banners have to pay a special tax to the Treasury to cover its losses suffered because of THEIR wishes.


    Democracy in action.

    As an aside, I will become a multi-millionaire from selling booze ‘n fags on the black market. I’ll be bullet proof because some of my best customers will be MPs, judges and the Old Bill.

  3. The doctors in question needed to be struck-off and the BMA disbanded by force. The sickening thing is that both are easily doable. If every smoker in the UK wrote to Camoron and told him to squash the anti-smoke commissars or they will vote UKIP at the next election (and specified the above terms in addition) that would be that. It is the weakness of the average idiot that is and will be humanity’s undoing.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The BMA has influence out of all proportion to its actual importance. It’s just a trade union for quacks. As Mr Ecks says, I’d love to see it crushed. The impertinent little shits should be asked every time they pipe up: “who the fuck asked you?”

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