Umm, no Boris, just no

Muslim children who are radicalised by their parents should be considered abused and taken into care, Boris Johnson has said.

The Mayor of London warned that hundreds of children were at risk of radicalisation but that authorities were not taking them into care because of “absurd” political correctness.

He warned that young people were increasingly being “radicalised at their home” and “taught crazy stuff” like the views espoused by the killers of Drummer Lee Rigby.

He said a lack of clarity about the law was making police and social services reluctant to intervene even if the children were being brought up with a “nihilistic view of the world” that could turn them into murderers.

Seriously, where the hell did this Stalinist shit come from? Or Fascist if you prefer? The Junta in Argentina did this: the children of lefties were taken from them and put out for adoption by those with the correct political views. The religious in Stalin’s Russia were sent off to the camps for this very thing, trying to bring their children up in the faith.

Freedom is indeed a messy thing and a free society will inevitably have in it those who hold views derided by the majority. But rather the point and aim of that free society thing is that rather than persecuting those with the odd views we protect the ability of people to have said odd views.

Seriously, this idea is appalling.

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  1. As, presumably, this policy couldn’t be confined to Muslims, for equality reasons, it’s certainly put the skids under Catholicism for a start.

    But it’s typically Boris. Under the cuddly, floppy haired bonhomie lurks a nasty piece of work.

  2. Boris is a clown.

    Besides, social services have better things to do, like keeping a beady eye out for foster parents who are UKIP supporters.

    We’d be a freer country and children would be better off in general if we sacked every single social worker.

  3. I’m not sure of all of the things you could accuse radical Islamism of, ‘nihilism’ is quite the most readily applicable. From the SOED:

    Total rejection of current religious beliefs or moral principles, often involving a general sense of despair and the belief that life is devoid of meaning.

    They might be rejecting our religious beliefs and moral principles but they have a fairly solid set of their own.

    But back to the point – taking children off parents should only happen in extremis. This is a revolting idea.

  4. Bloke in Spain – yes, you can imagine the conversations.

    “So your parents force you to attend a mystical ritual where a man in ceremonial robes gives you flesh and blood to consume? And they tell you you’re being watched at all times by a man in the sky who will judge your every action? And they’re not too keen on homosexuality or a woman’s right to an abortion? Come with me.”

    Seems we’ve learned nothing from satanic ritual abuse scares. Also, if we want to radicalise Muslims, I can’t think of a faster way to piss them off short of nuking Mecca.

  5. And the Greens would like to ban ‘climate change deniers’ from public life and the Civil Service, and Ed Balls as Education Secretary was very concerned about religous nutters (anyone with a faith) home-schooling their kids.

    Boris, the Greens, Ed Balls, Hacked Off; these people are everywhere. I used to think that apocalyptic warnings about our freedom being at risk were for idiots with no sense of perspective, but look around us!

    Look, I read Ritchie’s Twitter twattering about his sons and think “My God, they’ll grow up to be the same self-righteous, priggish, self-certain pricks that he is, WRONG about everything they set their mouths to.” But so what? They’re his kids; not mine. Mine is not the only way.

  6. One could even imagine the right-thinking taking exception to the nihilistic attitude to marriage and family life of a father who persistently impregnates other women.

  7. Ironman – give the mini-Ritchies a chance. Many people make a conscious effort not to turn out like their old man. Look at Woody Allen’s son.

  8. Bloke in Spain – well, Boris has never denied pleasuring himself with a fish.

    And he looks the sort. I bet he has a giant aquarium in his bedroom and a dusty VHS copy of Octopussy that he discarded in disgust after realising the title was misleading.

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  10. I agree with you Tim on the whole but radical islam is not odd it is dangerous. There is a very big difference as non Muslims who live in Muslim dominated countries can tell you.

  11. I think we probably should draw the line at parents who teach their kids to hate the west and to blow it up. That’s not just merely being a religious nutjob.

  12. So Much for Subtlety

    The Junta in Argentina did this: the children of lefties were taken from them and put out for adoption by those with the correct political views.

    No I don’t think they did. What they did was a little more complicated and enlightened by the more obvious aspects of Catholic theology.

    Some of the Communists they arrested were pregnant at the time. Unlike the Stalinists, they did not hold the unborn child guilty of anything. Unlike the Stalinists, they thought killing the unborn was actual killing. So they waited until the Mother had given birth, and then executed her. That left them with a problem – what to do with a baby when they did not admit they had even arrested the mother. Their solution was to adopt, mainly internally among military families.

    As far as Muslim nutjobs go the legal system needs to deter. It is hard to deter anyone determined to kill themselves. Personally I think threatening to take someone’s children and foster them with, say, a nice Jewish family in Golders Green would act as a deterrent of sorts. Maybe it is worth a try. Eventually, and hopefully before we get a suicide bombing a day, we will have to find some sort of solution. Apart from willful suicide which seems our main policy so far.

    Notice Richard Dawkins has proposed just this with all religious believers. So naturally it will come back to bite us all on the ar$e. But we still need to deter.

  13. Bloke in Germany – Well, sure. If parents buy their toddlers a Fisher Price “My First Suicide Bombing” vest that’s a clear red flag. But short of that, social services and the police aren’t well placed to discern what is or isn’t “crazy stuff”.

    Social services is manned by people with their own biases and agendas and failings. That’s why they spent years ignoring the widespread sexual abuse of white English girls by Muslim gangs. That’s why over the same period their harrassment of Christians, UKIPpers, and anybody else lefties don’t like the look of increased.

    Boris is saying we need to hand more invasive, family-destroying power to the same people who brought you the Orkney child satanic abuse scare, the same people who offered condoms and Urdu lessons to frightened little girls who were being raped by Muslim men.

    And let’s not forget, radical Islam of the type Boris decries didn’t just spontaneously appear here. It was deliberately imported via government immigration policy. A policy Boris supports. Indeed, he wants 80 million Turks to join the EU and have the right to move here.

    Rather than trusting the State’s child snatchers to somehow defend us from future terrorist nutters, the first thing we should do is get rid of members of the political class – like Boris – who brought their parents here at our expense and are continuing to let them in against the wishes of the host population.

  14. If parents can be sent to jail for allowing their religious idiocy to harm their children physically, why can’t they be held to account for mental anguish?

  15. Steve,

    > Boris is saying we need to hand more invasive, family-destroying power to the same people …

    No, he’s saying that they should use the same amount of power in a slightly different way.

    I agree with everyone above who’d like to see social services stripped of most of their powers. Given that that’s unlikely to happen, and given that they can currently declare parents as unfit for crimes such as letting their kids stay up too late or watch too much television (but would never do so to non-white parents), I support suggestions that highlight their general bastardosity like the one Boris has made.

  16. Jim: same thing applies to socialist scum and, indeed, any group not liked by any other group. It is a fucking stupid, evil idea and Johnson is the one who needs separating from his cosy taxpayer funded lifestyle and “fostered out” to somewhere appropriate–like Devil’s Island.

  17. It would be more effective for our society, and cheaper, if the kids of radical islam nutjobs were lobotomised and returned to their parents.

  18. No need for such foul lingo, Mr Grumpy Ecks. Not sure why you evoke “socialist scum”, but protecting innocent children from abusive parents does not strike me as a “fucking stupid, evil” idea, ipso facto. Fair play to Boris for highlighting the abusive, brainwashing effects of religion. I’m certain that kids today will successfully sue their parents for mental anguish – in the Western nations, anyway.

  19. “It would be more effective for our society, and cheaper, if the kids of radical islam nutjobs were lobotomised and returned to their parents.”

    Judging the success of the operation may prove problematic.

  20. Make that live rather than love – obviously kippers don’t love UK, as evidenced by their propensity to live elsewhere .

  21. Luke – Love In The UK – brilliant, if you write lyrics and a good tune that could be Haircut 100’s next hit song.

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