Welcome back to the Bill of Attainder

Sanctions could be imposed on Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea FC owner, over the crisis in Crimea, David Cameron suggested on Friday.

The Prime Minister refused to rule out taking action against the billionaire businessman and other Russians with links to Vladimir Putin.

18 thoughts on “Welcome back to the Bill of Attainder”

  1. As that self-proclaimed democrat Richard Murphy says, what is fair is what the mejority wants. So, 10 years after welcoming him – and his money of course – we now decide we should take that money because he’s exactly the person we knew he was. 10 years ago.

    Fucking horrible; Cameron knows nothing and learns nothing.

    P.S. As a Liverpool fan I certainly have no brief for Roman and his rent-boy supporters, but this is just wrong.

  2. I thought at the time he bought Chelsea as a hedge and a PR exercise. Now it’s time for his fans to defend him.

  3. BIF>

    I have to admit, I thought the same thing back then. Since then, however, it’s become increasingly apparent that it’s mainly an investment, and a reasonably good one at that.

    Of course, we don’t know what Chelsea is really ‘worth’ at the moment, but to my mind the £600m Forbes valuation is conservative – as are their other PL valuations, for the most part. Abramovich has something like £750m invested in the club, and that’s fairly close even to the low-ball valuations. A high-end valuation would be over £1b, at which point he’s comfortably in profit. Somewhere in the middle is probably fair.

  4. Camoron is a bullshit machine. He is up to a lot of nasty police-state crap with us little people (gutting legal aid/super-asbos/ crimming the buying of sex) cos BluLabour know the mass are too stupid and apathetic to do anything. Against opposition tho’ Camoron wilts like the wanking public school turd he is. Abramovich will be able to afford enough law dogs to make Mr Giant Forehead turn his arse on the whole caper.

  5. Sending Chelsea to the Isthmian League seems perfectly fair to me. Chelsea v the mighty Kingstonians, what’s not to like. Chelsea’s last Premiership act being to humiliate the red and white scum 6-0, perfect.

  6. The Russian hordes fell back in disorder as soon as Cameron started to speak. Oh wait: they didn’t.

    He’s managing to make Britain look belligerent and pathetic at the same time. Not a good combination.

  7. Dennis The Peasant

    We love David Cameron over here in the States.

    It’s reassuring to see our that our oh-so-sophisticated British cousins are capable of producing politicians of the caliber of Barack Obama.

    Knowing you’ve elected Cameron keeps a lot of us Yanks from developing inferiority complexes about handing the presidency to an asshole like Obama.

  8. Dennis The Peasant

    What exactly is Cameron going to do?

    Slap a stadium ban on Eden Hazard?

    Force Abramovich to swap ownership from Chelsea to Arsenal and then force Arsenal to play all its Premier League matches against Chelsea?

  9. Dennis

    And here’s the great bit that should really make you Yanks just wet yoursleves: the rest are worse. At the next elections we’ll look at the alternatives and…

  10. “Abramovich and Mourinho should have been expelled by the FA for what they did to Anders Frisk anyway.” Well said. Though Mou might get off on grounds of diminished responsibility.

  11. Frisk deserved everything he got. An honest ref stays bought. Frankly, he was lucky to survive double-crossing Abramovich with his health and family intact, so what happened was really pretty minor.

  12. Enough nonsense about kickball.

    The bill of attainder never really left us. I give you The Curd Cheese (Restriction on Placing on the Market) (England) Regulations 2006:

    3. No person shall place on the market any curd cheese manufactured by Bowland Dairy Products Limited, located at Fulshaw Head Farm, Barrowford, Lancashire BB9 6RA and approved under the number UK PE 23.

    Luckily revoked a year later by the The Curd Cheese (Restriction on Placing on the Market) (England) (Revocation) Regulations 2007

    Would it surprise the commentariat that the Bill in question was the UK implementation of an EU Commission decision? http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:32006D0694:en:NOT 2006/694/EC: Commission Decision of 13 October 2006 prohibiting the placing on the market of curd cheese manufactured in a dairy establishment in the United Kingdom (notified under document number C(2006) 4877) (Text with EEA relevance)

    Article 1

    Member States shall prohibit the placing on the market of all curd cheese manufactured by Bowland Dairy Products Limited approved under the number UK PE 23 and located at Fulshaw Hoad Farm, Barrowford, Lancashire BB9 6RA and shall trace, detain and dispose of all remaining quantities of curd cheese of that origin.

    As our Esteemed Host says, Hang’em all.

  13. Rob>

    From the link:

    “(8) That visit revealed that the raw materials used to manufacture curd cheese included raw milk sent by the major milk collectors in the United Kingdom and downgraded for reasons such as: the presence of antibiotic residues detected after a screening test, milk-water mixture resulting from the cleaning of pipes in dairy plants with detergents and disinfectants (“interface milk”), contamination with dyes, surplus heat-treated drinking milk in packages collected from retail establishments. According to the company documentation, such milk was variously classified as “reclaim milk”, “waste milk”, milk “not fit for human consumption” or milk accompanied by certificates of analysis stating in what way the milk was defective.”

    Sounds fair enough to me. What seems odd is that they couldn’t be banned under any existing legislation.

  14. Dennis, over here the party leader is voted in by his party members, not the public. The party that wins the most seats has their leader become prime minister.
    Somewhat different from the US system of voting for an individual president.

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