Well done to the Daily Mail here

Gaunt, sagging skin and sleep depraved: Here’s what the average person arrested for meth possession looks like

xx To highlight the negative effects that drugs and alcohol can have on a user’s appearance, Recovery.org compiled 100 mugshots to create the average male and female face for abusers of marijuana, alcohol and meth.

That would be sleep deprived then. And this has been up for 24 hours now too…..


6 thoughts on “Well done to the Daily Mail here”

  1. The headline’s been changed, but the people still don’t look haggard or deprived or depraved – quite normal in fact. Is this the Fail’s way of telling us “people arrested for meth possession are walking our streets and look like everyone else, so you can’t be too careful”?

  2. I should start imbibing ‘meth’, as they look far better than I do.

    Bizarre. Didn’t anyone look at the photos and say “er, they look perfectly normal to me”.

  3. Person arrested is “dazed” and “angry”. Well, yes? Quite possibly a natural reaction?

    BTW – composite photos have a tendency to look significantly more attractive than the individual photos that are used in the composite. This is generally down to an increase in reflective symmetry without obscuring all defects (the composite is closer to one of the key aspects in facial beauty without looking completely unnatural.) This method of presenting “bad images”, then, by “recovery.org” (interestingly, no “about us” on their site. Who are they? Nutters, fundies, or worse?) is therefore completely batshit insane. Almost as crazy as showing how bad life is by for a down and out by giving them a shower, shave, a couple of good meals and then dressing them in tux or equivalent.

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