What nation has lost what?

Cultural treasures worth more than £103 million have been lost to the nation because Britain cannot afford to keep them, a report has disclosed.

Between 2012 and 2013, historical objects and famous paintings by artists including Pablo Picasso and Raphael were sent out of the country.

Although attempts were made to save the pieces, sufficient funds could not be raised, the report from the Arts Council has said.

So these things belonged to the nation then, did they? You know, before they were lost to it?

A Picasso, a Raphael, a Flemish manuscript? These are in some manner so British that they are not private property?

6 thoughts on “What nation has lost what?”

  1. And if they were “saved for the nation” they’d be put in a London gallery so that Londoners can stroll in to see them free, and everyone else would have to spend a lot of money to get a view.

  2. @dearieme
    Do you have any idea how much that’s been “saved for the nation” by being locked away in storage so no-one ever gets a look at it?

  3. Oh indeed I do. Bloody scandal, in my view. Properly distributed the treasures could embellish every city in the country.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    Britain has lost its position in the world where it was in the position to buy the junk of other countries (or sh!t in the case of Picasso). Now it is in the position of watching others buying everything of value we have.

    That is a loss.

    We are in the position of Venice in the 19th century. We wallow in decadence and filth among the ruins of the glory and splendor our ancestors built. And we feel no shame about surviving on the prostitution of our women and our history.

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