Why is this ironic?

Reflecting on the last week it’s hard to escape the irony that I have been accused of being a dangerous leftie and also a fascist within 48 hours.

Why would it be ironic to be accused of the same thing twice in the same week?

16 thoughts on “Why is this ironic?”

  1. Bloke in Oxfordshire

    and while the jury is out on whether Hitler was a socialist, let’s just say that the views of The Guardian now chime more with him than with Pinochet.

  2. Dennis The Peasant

    I do believe they called it National Socialism for a reason.

    By the looks of it, Dunc is about as educated as your average journalist.

  3. I got the impression Hitler wasn’t a socialist but he appriopriated the term for his own use in the same way that the left appropriate terms for their own uses.

  4. Oh no, old adolf was a socialist from the start, as was Mussolini. The lft are up to their eyebrows in the shite of the twentieth century.

  5. Surreptitious Evil

    Somebody recommended the book “Liberal Facism”. Thanks (although I can’t remember who it was).

    It basically states that “right wing” was the Moscow mandated insult for socialists who weren’t international communists. Hitler was never an internationalist and Mussolini broke away from it as a result of his WW1 epiphany. Hence, despite being significantly left of centre they were repeatedly denied as “right wing” by the useful idiots. It stuck.

  6. Can’t help but notice he seems to have welcomed comments on previous posts on his blog but they’re turned off for this one.
    They really are sensitive flowers, aren’t they?

  7. “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg. Great read should be widely distributed on the left tomsee them splutter.

  8. The NSDAP 25-point manifesto is roughly half nationalist, half socialist. It could be interesting to pull out all the socialist items and offer them up to see if you can get any of the modern day left to sign up. (I think you might get them to sign up to the other half too if you reworded it in terms of Palestinian Nationalism, say.)


    See 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 in particular.

    As the slogan goes: “The common interest before self-interest!”

  9. Wonder whether it’d be worth running a competition, see who can get the most items from the NSDAP 25 point manifesto into Murphy’s comments, with him approving?

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