A minor boo boo at Bloomberg

One the information page about Sean Fitzpatrick:


“This coaching team clearly identified problem areas after last season– the scrum, lineout, restarts, the aerial game that we were pretty average at– and they have worked hard on these areas.”

– Sean Fitzpatrick on Aug 01, 2010

Just a small note, the Sean Fitzpatrick who ran Anglo Irish Bank into the ground is not the same Sean Fitzpatrick who played rugby for New Zealand and now comments upon the game.

3 thoughts on “A minor boo boo at Bloomberg”

  1. I’m wondering if this bit of the site might be some sort of clever automated process which finds content associated with the particular subject.

  2. Just a small note, the David Moyes who ran Manchester United into the ground is the very same David Moyes who played football for Drumchapel Amateurs and will soon be commenting upon the game.

  3. The Michael Bloomberg who successfully persuaded New Yorkers not to drink big Cokes is not the same one who persuaded half the world to listen to the bollocks his network produces 🙂

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