And Caroline Spelman comes out as an ill informed idiot

The former Tory cabinet minister Caroline Spelman has called for the UK to consider criminalising the purchase of sex and urged more male politicians to enter a public debate about the reform of prostitution laws.

Spelman, who as environment secretary from 2010 to 2012 was one of David Cameron’s few senior female ministers, said she supported the Nordic model, named after the system in Sweden, Iceland and Norway, which makes it a crime to buy, but not sell, sexual services.

Speaking to the Guardian, the MP said it was important for more men to make their views clear about the issue, which provokes strong feelings on both sides of the debate.

Well, here’s a man talking about it. Fuck off you sorry excuse for a thinking being.

1) If consenting adults wish to exchange money before rubbing genitals what the hell’s that got to do with you?

2) These people are lying to you:

Figures from the Association of Chief Police Officers, reproduced by the House of Commons library, suggest 17,000 of the estimated 30,000 women involved in off-street prostitution in England and Wales are immigrants, of whom 2,600 are deemed to have been trafficked and a further 9,200 are viewed as vulnerable.

We went looking for evidence of trafficking in Operation Pentameter. And every police force in the country tried to look at as many of the brothels, saunas and working girls as they could. And found enough evidence to charge, let alone convict, exactly no people of the vile and repugnant crime of sex slavery.

They did find evidence of quite a lot of economic migration, this is true, but economic migration and sex slavery aren’t the same thing. But what you’re being presented with there is the assumption that people who have come, legally or illegally, to this country and then decided to rent out their genitals are sex slaves. And this simply isn’t the case. No, not even under the UN definition of trafficking.

At best you and we are being lied to. At worst you know this but are repeating the lies.

3 thoughts on “And Caroline Spelman comes out as an ill informed idiot”

  1. You’re a bit late. Spelman came out as an ill-informed idiot in 2010 when she tried to pass off her nanny as a constituency aide.

  2. My feminist logic detector is beeping.

    So… nearly all prossies are female, and nearly all those who use prostitutes male.

    We know, from 50 odd years of careful feminist study, that all men are evil bastards.

    Same studies have also shown that women – while equal to men in every way – are also better than men in every way that matters. And also innocent, childlike victims of men.

    Sweden, the home of batshit feminist insanity, and Europe’s coldest Caliphate (coming soon), invents the wonderful idea, based on feminist logic, to legalise sex workers (women) and punish kerb crawlers (men).

    Because language didn’t necessarily evolve because hominids wanted to be truthful with each other, this bad idea spreads far and wide, like Triffid spores carried on a foul wind. It proves especially attractive to the hard of thinking and former token wimmin of David Cameron’s entourage. But I repeat myself.

    Is that about it?

  3. The femmis are now trying to cash in on the Saville hysteria they have created. They have a large measure of influence/control over the bluebottles now–so lying coppers will lie for them–despite as Tim says, the farrago of Pentameter (that was the one I believe were they claimed 573 arrests of “traffickers”–which in reality, once the lies had been sifted out, had actually turned up no cases of trafficking whatsoever during its extremely expensive run).

    All these issues are being used to try and support each other–Saville shows the supposed hidden wicked wickedness of wicked men. Then that is further amplified by the 100,000 under-age Vietnamese prostitutes that Thrasher May supposedly believes were smuggled in under the nose of our expensive Borderforce clowns (by landing craft?) and are now clogging up Britain’s nail bars. Having tried to establish that any man who wants cheap sex (and sex with a professional lady is very cheap compared to the price charged by lots of amateurs) is a paedo pervert then they want to criminalise sex for money (excluding the amateurs of course) and bring in a snooping police state to enforce their edicts.

    To hell with the lot of them.

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