As great? Rilly?

The need to clear the air is just as great today as in the 1950s when peasouper smogs killed thousands.

I’d accept useful, desirable even, but “as great”?

The current problem is rather smaller than the old one and it’s also rather more expensive to solve than the old one. So, no, it’s not something to which the same attention has to be paid.

10 thoughts on “As great? Rilly?”

  1. I’m of an age, can remember London smogs. There was one lasted a week or so when I was about six. Crossing a side street, by the time the middle was reached you’d lost sight of the curb you’d left but couldn’t see the one you were headed for. Breathing it left your nose full of stuff like tar. When it eventually cleared, there were strands of filth hanging from the telephone wires like grubby Christmas decorations.
    I am not particularly persuaded of the dangers of passive smoking. if you can survive that, you can survive anything.

  2. The Labour “government” followed up by a dose of Coalition has left everyone bereft of the sense that doing something has a cost.

    One of my recurring themes is that “We’re all Commies now” (Mrs Miller says I have too many recurring themes and she may have a point).

    Yes, it would be nice not to have to wash the windows and clean the car and not to have to blow your nose. And that’s all it is unless you listen to the BBC and its cohorts.

    But what is that compared to the cost of stopping dust entering the country’s atmosphere?

    In Grauniad country, everyone should be free to have whatever the elite grant them and there are no sacrifices to be made.

    Obviously, there are certain things the common weal have to give up. How many people noticed that the harshest insult Clegg could throw at Farage was that the latter was reducing the debate to “pub level”. “Pub level” is sooo much lower than “wine bar level”

  3. Regarding “stopping dust entering the county’s atmosphere”… I wonder how much it would cost to tarmac the Sahara?

  4. @Pogo
    There is, no doubt, a Pikey ready to do it. Cash up front.
    Ticks all the boxes. Minorities. Diversity. Job creation. Sound financial management. Environment.

  5. The solution is to enclose the UK in a greenhouse by emitting vastly more CO2 than any other nation.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    We’re well into diminishing returns vis-a-vis air quality in the UK. Even in the early 90’s if you looked out over London from a tall building the NOX pollution was clearly visible as a brown tinge to the horizon. Not any more. I would imagine the 80/20 rule applies with a vengeance to air purification.

  7. Lets enclose the sahara.

    I didn’t realise I was ACTUALLY wallowing in pollution every year at the beach.

  8. There was the same scare story in Paris a few weeks back. Even had a day with cars with even registration numbers allowed in.

    All that, when the air quality is way better than it was even only a few years ago and when most of the “pollution” comes either from elsewhere or mostly from houses. I guess soon, they will only allow houses with odd numbers to use the heating.

    Just goes to show. The pollution level 10 was reached yesterday ( I cannot bear the thought that it could have reached 11!) we were told. No reference to what it actually means though. Probably not the same as a few years back, when today’s 10 would have been 5 or some such stupid number.

    Ever increasing targets, because that is what they do. The only solution is the final one when it comes to these people.

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