Evidence, eh?

Who needs it?

Plain packaging for cigarettes will come a significant step closer today with a landmark report setting out the potential health benefits.

A review commissioned by the Government is expected to say there is ’emerging evidence’ that forcing manufacturers to sell their products in drab, standardised packaging would discourage the next generation from smoking.

Well-placed sources said there would be no ‘definitive decision’ following today’s report, but the ‘direction of travel’ towards plain packs would be clear.

The review, written by the leading paediatrician Sir Cyril Chantler, is crucial to whether the Government follows Australia, which 15 months ago introduce plain olive green packets with larger, more graphic health warnings for all cigarette products.

For we don’t actually see any evidence from Australia that it’s made any difference.

7 thoughts on “Evidence, eh?”

  1. why it is a paediatrician who is tasked with this?

    Won’t anyone think of the chiiiiiildren?

  2. rmty,

    If that’s your evidence, you’re making Tim’s point for him. The best you have is fewer people got their cigarettes out around children when the packs were covered with diseased organs.

  3. This government rivals Heath as the most pisspoor, shitbag useless administration in history. I expect I will spend the next general election sat in a pub getting pissed.

  4. A company will design a brightly coloured sleeve for these packs, like mobile phone covers. A Conservative government will then legislate to make the ownership of brightly covered cigarette pack sleeves illegal.

    Some point after that a Tory hopeful will knock on my door and lie about them being a party of individual liberty.

  5. No, Mr Potarto, the best he has is that fewer people SAID they got their cigarettes out around children when the packs were covered with diseased organs….

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