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Despite the Nigel Evans trial, the wrongly accused are not the main victims in rape cases

Well of course they’re bloody not.

The major victims in rape cases are those who have been raped.

The major victims in cases of false allegation of rape are those who have been falsely accused.

We can tell the difference quite easily too. In the one someone has been raped so they are the victim. In the other no one has so that victim position is open to be filled by the accused.

Then we get to Owen Jones’ actual piece:

MPs led by David Davis are on the offensive against the Crown Prosecution Service, and there are renewed calls to grant anonymity to alleged rapists, a privilege no one proposes for accused murderers

We don’t grant anonymity to the murdered either. Nor, in fact, to any victim of any other crime.

This represents a troublesome loss of perspective. No one who is rational can look dispassionately at the facts and conclude that false accusations are the real problem when it comes to rape. Official statistics suggest that 97,000 people are raped a year, yet on average only 15,670 become recorded crimes and, in 2012-13, there were just 2,333 convictions. A CPS review last year found that, over a 17-month period, prosecutions for false allegations made up just 0.6% of rape cases.

Oh, just great. Start with the number of possibly, estimated to be, unreported crimes to give a big number. Trump that at the end with only the number of prosecutions for the reverse crime. Well done laddie. What we actually want to know is what number of allegations are made as against those who are found guilty of doing so. You know, the same as your numbers of alleged, estimated rapes and convictions.

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  1. So, to follow Owen’s logic…
    Because what has happened to Nigel Evans is relatively rare he should be denied justice.
    Well, it’s relatively rare to be murdered in the UK as well…

  2. “only 15,670 become recorded crimes and, in 2012-13, there were just 2,333 convictions.”

    If we’re butchering numbers you could take this to mean that there are only 2,333 rapes per year and 13,337 false allegations.

    Lies, damned lies, etc.

  3. “A CPS review last year found that, over a 17-month period, prosecutions for false allegations made up just 0.6% of rape cases”
    Christ alive! By my calculation that makes 582 men falsely accused of rape every year!
    That’s based upon a total of 97,000 rape victims every year. Because they are all definitely undeniably rapes, aren’t they! All 97,000. And therefore they are all ‘rape cases’ aren’t they Owen. I mean, it must be, because you’re the boy who really understands statistics aren’t you.
    By my reckoning 97,000 women raped every year means that, over the course of a lifetime one in fifteen British women can expect to be rapred. I say again, Christ Alive.

  4. It’s easy for Owen to say these things, because it’s not as if he’s ever likely to be falsely accused of rape. A jury wouldn’t believe he could be guilty of anything more serious than truancy.

    For men who do have descended testicles, being falsely accused of rape is a nightmare where the process itself is a punishment. That needs to change.

    “But it all underlines that sexual harassment, assault and rape are the products of unchecked hierarchies of power – and male-dominated power at that.”

    No, you little queef. Your Marxist bullshit does not apply here. Rape happens because men want sex, and some men are scumbags who will take what they want through violence.

    The rapist doesn’t give a fuck about “hierarchies of power”, he wants to get his end away. And in actual fact, a disproportionate percentage of rapists have vibrant, diverse, multicultural skin tones the likes of which little Ownie would never suggest are high up in the “hierarchy of power”, would he?

    For everyone knows it is evil, muahahahaha-ing right wing capitalist white men who control the hierarchy of power. Ergo the average rapist should be a successful rosy cheeked banker or estate agent, not some little splash of pigshit called Mustafa:

  5. Don’t waste your time engaging them about justice or reason. Nothing illustrates more than rape the Left’s belief that Law and justice are entirely political.

  6. The claims of vast numbers of unpunished rapists are femmi-commisar bullshit, mostly derived from their various fiddled “surveys” –“have you ever had sex when you really didn’t want to” so hubbys midnight pestering is transformed into another wicked rape. The attempts to inflate the figures and generate endless false accusations make life worse for real victims of rape. But the femmis, despite oceans of croc tears, don’t give a shit about them. Their real interest is the demonization and ultimately destruction of men. If other women have to suffer in that cause–they couldn’t care less.

    Anonymity for men accused does not detract from women. If the case is proved–his name goes forward. If found innocent then his life is not ruined. But the femmis want the accused life ruined. It gives false accusers power–it gives femmis endless bogus publicity–every accusation is then media-peddled propaganda for their cause. The “other women can’t come forward if the man is not named ” bit the femmis peddle is also crap. What it means is that the police can’t do their trawling routine to try and fit up the accused for multiple “crimes”. It is a poisonous article of femmi-faith that their are legions of women who have been raped but are reluctant to report it. Truth?–what would happen do you think if the same process was followed with say thieves–Bloke steals your watch–so the police put out a national notice “Has this man stolen anything from you–your anonymity guaranteed–compensation very possible”–does anybody think that there would be no takers for that offer?. And that would be just on cash-only grounds–never mind those with mental/emotional issues.

    Promising anonymity to accused men and then breaking that promised once femmis started squawking was the first, I think, of a long series of election promises betrayed by Camoron’s BluLabour clowns

  7. These people are mad. I love the fact that there is an organisation called Women Against Rape (in oppositon, one supposes to Women For Rape and Men Either For Or Against Rape, latterly renamed just ‘Men’.).

    I’ve just started Fathers In Favour Of Murder and Aggression, and the League For Cruel Sports.

    Unfortunately, it’s going to take up a bit of my time so I have relinquished my seats on the boards of The Campaign For Nuclear Armament and Greenwar.

    That’s 2x £150k a year for two days a month plus Mayfair offices and million pound pensions going spare if anyone’s interested.

  8. Funny you should say that, Interested.

    I’ve decided to start up an international crime syndicate. As the names “Mafia” and “Cammora” are taken, we are going to be called the “Carbonara”. Are you in or are you out?

  9. Of course, there is the additional scenario of mistaken identity.

    Someone was raped,the person accused/charged wasn’t the one who did it, but the plaintiff/police believe they are.

    Both are victims there I would say.

  10. Mr Ecks – the Radfems think heterosexual sex is rape, and from this bonkers premise flows all else, such as improbable made-up statistics “proving” men are a bunch of rapey bastards, hysterical claims that we have a “rape culture” and so on.

    They’d like to poison women against their menfolk and persuade them to have it off with Radfems instead. It annoys them no end that the vast majority of red blooded women would rather have a big strapping man in their bed than an ugly woman with a strapon.

    The personal is political, as they’re fond of telling us. This is about as personal as it gets. It comes from the same sort of wish-fulfilment fantasies that drive militant trannies to try to deconstruct sexual norms with their nonsense words like “cisgendered” and demands that we call them Loretta. It’s Let’s Pretend for adults.

  11. We don’t grant anonymity to the murdered either. Nor, in fact, to any victim of any other crime.

    and this is the point. It’s not primarily everyone else who thinks that rape is a special crime, it’s the Owen Joneses of this world. And if it’s special, then it follows that we must have special rules for it, and that includes the possibility of anonymity for the accused.

    or you could just say that it’s a crime like any other and not give anonymity to the victim. Now, I am prepared to grant that there are firm reasons why you might wish to do the latter, but they demand that you agree that rape is especially traumatic, has an especially adverse effect on people’s psyche, &c &c. And if that is true of the victim then SURELY, I mean f*****g SURELY, it follows that it is also true of someone falsely accused.

    I’ve just started Fathers In Favour Of Murder and Aggression, and the League For Cruel Sports.

    hehe. I’d also like to put in a bid for Childless People Against Justice and Agnostics In Favour of Poverty.

    I think it was someone of this parish who posited the idea of a Hate Music, Love Racism festival which consisted of BNP members sitting in a field in silence.

  12. @ ITBoy

    Mistaken identity is probably not a notable component. The vast majority of rapes (alleged, actual, reported, suggested, or whatever other measure you choose) are commit by someone known to the victim. Rapes by strangers are very rare, so mistaken identity is not much of a thing.

  13. Singapore has practically eliminated rape. I suppose “Women Against Rape” therefore advocate the return of capital and corporal punishment, the return of National Service, abolition of the minimum wage and unemployment benefits, and the immediate expulsion of all non-productive immigrants? No? Funny, that.

  14. If he thinks there’s a problem here he should go to Malaysia. The Home Minister there recently said that the reason that 80% of statutory rapes were committed by Malay Muslims is because non-Malays were ‘more okay’ with rape…. actually that could be a good Guardianista excuse for the grooming gangs in UK.

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