Oh, this is easy

So, after the IPCC report, which bit of the world are you prepared to lose?

Islington, obviously. And bits of Camden perhaps.

As to George’s actual argument:

Everywhere we’re told that it’s easier to adapt to global warming than to stop causing it. This suggests that it’s not only the Stern review on the economics of climate change (showing that it’s much cheaper to avert climate breakdown than to try to live with it) that has been forgotten, but also the floods which have so recently abated.

That’s not actually what the Stern Review said. Rather, that adaptation to mild climate change will be cheaper than trying to stop it happening. And also that there’s a cost to trying to stop it which makes it cheaper to adapt. That cost being anything higher than the $80 a tonne CO2-e carbon tax.

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  1. During the recent wet weather in SE England, precisely no houses in Camden or Islington were at risk of flooding. We lefties leave the flood plains for you lot.

  2. Lets face it, even assuming there is a problem, those predicting all the AGW/Climate Change catastrophe stuff don’t want solutions that allow people to get on with their lives and decide for themselves how they want to live and how much energy they use etc etc, via market mechanisms. They want to be able to tell everyone what to do right now. They won’t accept any solutions to the problem that don’t include compulsion and control. Thats the feature of the problem for them – it allows them a way of obtaining power that no-one would vote for if it were called socialism, for example.

  3. Yes, it’s the compulsion, control and ultimately terrorising which is important. The ‘reason’: climate, ‘inequality’, ‘obesity’ is just background music.

    There will always be a fake hysterical crisis to take advantage of. One day they’ll get lucky.

  4. Especially when the flooding was mostly caused by the environmental policies of the last 15 years.

  5. The tiresome Mr Moonbat drags his tattered soapbox to yet another collection of people, clambers onto it, switches on his megaphone and starts spewing garbage… yet again.

    To give George his due – he’s cautious and sly, only fighting set piece engagements where he controls everything or lobbing stuff from behind the battlements of GMG or other media outlets prepared to pay him for his outpourings.And there’s the rub – for me at least – George is paid for this sh1t.

    George doesn’t do debate – he’s a cowardly propagandist – as his recent foray to the Somerset floods showed – he’s not averse to mendacious misrepresentation on just about every level.

    Comments on his pieces in the Guardian are always a reminder that the greens and eco-loons are ignorant, deranged and plain nasty – even if they proclaim otherwise….

    As to mis-quoting The Stern Review – that’d be par for the course and should come as no surprise to any even occasional follower of George’s output.

  6. Times have moved on since Stern’s flawed review in 2006 which put the costs to the global climate change costs in the range of 5 – 20% of world GDP.

    In spite of the Private Frazer “we’re doomed” recent publicity message gleefully printed by one and all, the IPCC’s Working group II Fifth Assessment Report, now says that a 2.5C rise in global temperatures by the end of the century will only cost 0.2-2% of GDP. This is not surprising since for instance elswhere it has published lower sensitivity to CO2 levels that although are still high are actually quite similar to sceptical estimates.

    With damage potential dropping 10 fold I think it’s time you stopped quoting that cure all $80 a tonne CO2-e carbon tax solution.

  7. Everywhere we’re told that it’s easier to adapt to global warming than to stop causing it.

    Pick and choose your consensus.

  8. Runcie picked out the most telling sentence from Georgie’s screed.

    Everywhere we’re told that? Really? Like at the Guardian? The BBC? HM Government? Every single radio and TV news bulletin that just a couple of days ago reported the latest IPCC party political broadcast as if it were fact?

    The Greenies love their fantasy of being courageous outsiders speaking truth to power in the teeth of Big Oil and its well funded denial campaign. The fact that it’s bollocks doesn’t deter them in the slightest.

    Not to mention the assumptions that:

    A) The globe is currently warming, and
    B) Humans are causing this, and
    C) Humans can plausibly stop it from happening short of returning to preindustrial living conditions, population levels, and life expectancy

    …none of which seems to be supported by the data or by logic, not to mention the environmental movement’s long and atrocious record on predicting eco-disaster rendering them about as trustworthy as Jimmy Savile driving an ice cream van with “FREE SWEETIES” emblazoned on the side.

    But let’s just invoke the precautionary principle. After all, we can’t *prove* our right legs won’t, one day, become gangrenous and kill us all, so the smart thing to do would be to amputate everyone’s right leg, immediately.

    Think of all the jobs it’ll create in the medical prosthetics industry, not to mention the welcome deterrence to Michael Flatley.

    A while ago Sir Paul Nurse of the once-reputable Royal Society scored a rhetorical point against well known climate sceptic and general troublemaker James Delingpole with a clever, but disingenous spin on the precautionary principle. He compared the global warming industry with oncologists and asked Delingpole what he’d do if most doctors diagnosed him with cancer and recommended treatment.

    A more apt analogy would be to ask what one should do if most witch doctors or Scientologists diagnosed us as being infested with evil spirits / alien ghosts, and recommended that we give them all our money and abandon our personal freedom to become their voodoo sex slaves / cult followers.

    I, for one, am not interested in donning a vulcanised rubber thong and moving to George Monbiot’s compound in Machynlleth.

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