On sex charges and aquittals

Naming no names but if I, as a 50 ish bloke, stuck my hand down the knickers of a 20 ish filly, uninvited and as, perhaps, an invitation to her to respond I really wouldn’t be all that surprised to find myself being charged and possibly even found guilty of some form of sexual assault, possibly even attempted rape or some such.

If I were a bloke doing it to a bloke I have a feeling that the drunken fumble argument might work. For we all do have a rather different view of male sexuality and come ons vis a vis female such. It can be, how to put this, rather cruder.

I take it that we have now firmly established this principle in law?

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  1. Perhaps the proportion of the male gender who would react with outrage, rather than simply disinterest, is somewhat lower than that of the female. But within that proportion, I don’t think the male group would be any less shocked than the female group. They might, however, consider it more ‘masculine’ to try and keep their cool.

  2. The difference comes down to impregnation. Women are more choosy of partners than men because they can breed far less often than men.

    And this is so ingrained that even gay men and women seem to have different outlooks on it, despite impregnation not being an issue. Gay men are far more promiscuous than lesbians.

  3. I think its more a case of victimhood poker again. Man sticks hand down woman’s trousers, sexual assault/rape. Straight man sticks hands down straight man’s trousers, assault most likely if victim wants to make a complaint. Gay man sticks hands down straight or gay man’s trousers, all perfectly OK, all part of the wonderful diversity of the rainbow of human sexuality.

    Homosexuality trumps heterosexuality every time.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    I would like to go on record as objecting to the blatant homophobia of these legal decisions. The Courts are virtually declaring open season on Gay men. It is not a crime to grab the genitals of someone as long as you think they are of the homosexualist persuasion? Outrage!

    We need to classify this as a hate crime immediately.

  5. Dearieme, the modern Victimhood Poker game would have it that the intern is in a position of ‘powerlessness’ with respect to his superior and so physical strength can be ignored…

  6. pretty sure that we went into this at the time of the allegations, but surely one factor is ability to resist? If a drunk bloke of roughly the same size and strength as me sticks his hand down my trousers and I’m relatively sober then it’s not going to be all that hard to persuade him, forcibly if necessary, to desist.

    if I’m too trolleyed to resist, it’s another matter. If he’s a farking massive ‘roided-up beast of a guy (or has a knife, or if I’m being pinioned by his equally nasty mate) ditto.

    I suspect this is at the heart of the matter.

    Although I wouldn’t ever hold your breath expecting feminist boors to apply the same standards to gay men as they do to women. Because gay men are still men, see? Therefore patriarchy, enemy, &c.

  7. Slightly O/T but I do wish the BBC would stop referring to people being found innocent. They’ve been found not guilty of the charges, which is completely different.

  8. @BwaB

    if you wanted to don your tinfoil hat, you could posit that the BBC thinks that this is the natural way of things – you are guilty until proven &c.

  9. You Brits are different than us. Lord Snell said you guys were “reticent and reserved” while we are “impulsive and restless.” I do admire your calm and I’ve seen examples of your responding to a situation with a dignified, wonderful and humorous insult where an impetuous Yank would prep for battle. Were a bloke in the US to go fishing for a trouser mouse, he would likely get a stiff upper lip that would stay that way for days.

    A friend probably wishes he learned the UK way. He & a buddy unknowingly went into a gay bar in Key West (is there any other kind there?), was molested and he decked the molester. Quickly he was set upon by a mob who chased him outside where he would have certainly suffered a thrashing had the police not arrived, slowed the crowd, and told my friend & buddy to get away fast and not come back. No charges, no court, all settled on-site in minutes.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Jim – “I think its more a case of victimhood poker again. …. Homosexuality trumps heterosexuality every time.”

    I am sure there is something to that. But if a female teacher has sex with a 15 year old boy, she gets, at worst, a slap on the wrist. A man who did it with a 15 year old girl is looking at some serious jail time.

    We just think it is less damaging to males. Which it may be.

    Of course if a female teacher sleeps with a 15 year old female student, she gets the benefit of both the pro-pink victimhood and the indifference to men. She will be loudly and often defended. Don’t know what that means.

  11. You seem to ignore the power element. If you are rich or very upper rank an amorous glance from the female can be a definite sign for further action. That is how gold diggers work.

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