On the Islington child abuse thing

Letting go with both barrels here. Very much something to read:

In 1985, Mrs Hodge announced that Islington Council would positively discriminate in favour of gay staff. It exempted self-declared gay men from background checks, and paedophiles pretending to be decent gay men cynically exploited this. It emerged that Islington deputy superintendent Michael Taylor was in PIE after he received a four-year prison sentence in July 2000 for abusing two boys at Islington’s Gisburne House in the Seventies.

A particularly foul mixture of political correctness and bureaucratic cover up.

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  1. So? Anyone can make mistakes and it seems child protection wasn’t Mrs Hodge’s specialist field of knowledge. So we can’t expect a top-notch performance here.
    Now in her specialst area, tax, the picture is very diff… Oh!

  2. So the woman who appointed paedophiles to look after Islington’s vulnerable kids now wants to appoint Richard Murphy to look after the nation’s taxes.

    She’s nothing if not consistent.

  3. “So the woman who appointed paedophiles to look after Islington’s vulnerable kids now wants to appoint Richard Murphy to look after the nation’s taxes.”

    Now that’s being unfair. Lady Hodge will tell you, those people were appointed under the guidance of experts. Lady Hodge had no culpability. And she wishes to appoint Richard Murphy under the guidance of experts. Well, one expert.

  4. So Hodge helped children get literally fucked in the 80’s, and now they’ve grown up she wants them to be fucked by the taxman?

  5. The Laughing Cavalier

    As much as I would like to see this wickedness blown wide open, I suspect that there are too many politicians with something to hide for that to happen.

  6. Berlin, Saigon, Tehran, Kiev… The odd thing about bureaucracies is just how hard they find it to get rid of the paper trail.
    So I suspect that the evidence is still around somewhere, maybe in the loft of the uncle of the bloke who was asked to destroy it, or somewhere.
    Sleep well, Mrs Hodge, but maybe a little pill would help?

  7. Bloke in france, paper trail thats ordered destroyed can muddy the waters, however usually the paper trail that links to or refers to the information destroyed is not destroyed at the same time. Not to mention of course journal notes, diaries, minutes, publications etc.

  8. So Much for Subtlety

    A particularly foul mixture of political correctness and bureaucratic cover up.

    If you’re obsessed with the evils of White Heterosexual Men, it means you are going to miss out on noticing quite a lot of bad stuff – even if it is right before your face.

    It is noticeable that even now they are not able to be exactly honest in their language:

    The assumption in those “progressive” days was that paedophiles simply loved children and wanted to “liberate” their sexuality.

    Think that is still the assumption in these not so progressive days. Anyone argue otherwise?

    It exempted self-declared gay men from background checks, and paedophiles pretending to be decent gay men cynically exploited this.

    Decent gay men? Cynically exploited this?

    PIE founding member, Peter Righton, then Britain’s top “expert” on children’s homes, had even founded a training course for residential workers. Paedophilia, he declared in one essay, was “no more bizarre than a penchant for redheads”.

    Doesn’t look like they are pretending anything, not to be decent Gay men or anything other than what they are. And they look to me like they were not cynically exploiting a damn thing. They were just doing their thing with the full support of the Right Thinking Islington Council.

    In 2010, Sawyer’s partner in an international education business, Derek Slade, was imprisoned for 21 years for brutally abusing 12 boys at St George’s boarding school in Suffolk. There is no suggestion that Mr Sawyer knew his friend was a paedophile.

    So the libel courts are still spreading their heavy wings over this whole thing. Of course there is no suggestion. But what sort of “international education” business are we talking about here? Taking British men to Morocco?

    Bain abused numerous boys in his care, including Demetrious Panton, whom Margaret Hodge secretly branded “extremely disturbed” to BBC bosses in an attempt to halt a documentary on what she knew of the scandal.

    How the F**k does this woman still have a career? How is any part of polite British society willing to play host to this woman? What is wrong with the UK?

    Bain left Islington’s employ after Mr Panton, aged 11, revealed his abuse, which the council – influenced by PIE-type thinking – decided was “consensual”.

    So again it doesn’t look like anyone cynically exploiting the system by pretending to be decent gay men. It looks like the Council knew exactly what they were and was fine with it.

    Savile hissed that if the reporter told anyone, his career was over. The reporter stayed silent.

    Name the reporter.

    The whistleblower Dr Davies adds: “I think there could be more than one home with Savile connections. Children from Islington’s home at 114 Grosvenor Avenue were taken to Jersey by Rabet, and Savile visited Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne home. Survivors of abuse there have described being taken to an Islington children’s home.”

    And thus we hit a problem with all these sort of claims – there was no abuse in Jersey.

  9. SMFS: “How the F**k does this woman still have a career?”

    She’s an extreme leftwinger and can therefore get away with anything. The Left have murdered tens of millions with absolutely no comeback. A bit of child abuse is nothing.

  10. Saville’s name is being dropped everywhere as some kind of brand-name for child abuse. Guilt by association is not proof at any time–and esp when the so-called charges against him don’t hold water. The ones that have been looked at by people outside the abuse industry certainly don’t. The Met won’t release any details of approx 100 charges against Saville (personally) so they can be looked at by people who are not in the abuse loop. Indeed they are now trying to trawl for yet more charges against him–so the DM reported last Thurs/Fri (I forget which). Now we have Gove saying that the (totally honest and reliable) metropolitan police department have told him that they have evidence that Saville was obtaining children from 21 homes.

    When the hell did Saville find time to live?– let alone have a career on radio/tv, public appearances/ charity work (of course the last two–on which he spent a lot of time- were only to enable his abusing–yeah right). Not to mention1000 serious (so they say) sex crimes at the BBC/children supplied from 21 homes/ dozens–if not more– hospital “incidents”/ his supposed satanic activities/ endless contacts with seemingly every paedo and abuser in the UK and even the non-existent ones in the channel islands. And the story about abusing a little child hairless from cancer treatment on a mattress is vile. It is serial killer stuff (and indeed they tried to link his DNA to various murders–and failed–which was not too bright of them–you would have thought even the Met could do a proper job of fitting up a dead man). How many such men, capable of such deeds, have managed to pass as only a bit odd their entire lives .Perhaps if they have done a few crimes or are anonymous nobodys. But a life lived in the public eye?. If Saville had done even a fraction of the shit he is accused of, he would have spent his life in terror of discovery–not talking up his ego on tv and radio.

    And, in any case, the sheer volume of accusations now undermines itself (leaving aside the huge number of allegations that are demonstrable rubbish).. No one man could have managed all this shit in one lifetime–not outside the pages of a comic book.

    Read this:

    “Savile’s charity projects included ferrying disadvantaged children in taxis to places like Blackpool Pleasure Beach. At least one Islington survivor recalls being taken there by his abuser.

    Child protection investigators have long been aware that corrupt taxi drivers are commissioned by paedophiles to transport children: “kids on wheels”, it has been called. One taxi driver was imprisoned in 1990 for prostituting boys. The same year, the Islington Gazette proudly recorded Jimmy Savile’s visit to open the council’s new housing complex for disabled people. The story focused on the likes of a three-year-old with cerebral palsy and a paralysed woman who had been at Stoke Mandeville.

    Once this story is published, Shelley and I will give police the information we have. But she and the victims do not feel able to confide in police without the protection of media coverage.”

    Was Saville in the taxi’s with the kids?. It says it was one of his charity projects–which means what?. He set up the charity?–had a hand in setting it up?–contributed money for it?.

    So, because some alleged “survivor” was once taken to Blackpool (a long way from Islington)by his/her alleged abuser in a taxi, paid for by a charity that Saville may have had some connection with and, because ONE taxi driver was imprisoned in 1990 for prostituting boys (which maybe nothing to do with his taxi business for all we know) this means there is a network of taxi drivers facilitating sexual abuse—what—across the entire UK? Social workers (who make a good living out of the abuse industry) tell us it is so –so it must be true. And no doubt Saville was right in there as the Chairman and CEO of this taxi gang. When the abuse business is slow perhaps they fill in time by ferrying around the 100,000 forcibly-trafficked under-age Vietnamese prostitutes (that Theresa May believes have been brought here against their will) from one nail bar to another.Gove is not the only well-informed Minister.

    Is there no one out there who can see what demented bullshit all these tales are?. No one man could have been involved in all these goings on even were he on the job 24/7. Look at how a pack of vague allegations are twisted to present the implication that this country is riddled with sick male perverts like a rotten piece of old wood shot-through with woodworm. The Femmi-commisars have built up Saville as an omnipresent monster like Satan with bling and a tracksuit and they drop his brand-name into any nebulous tangle of allegations that they want to boost the profile of.

    There may be cases to answer in Islington. If objective investigators exist anymore let them be put on the job. My concern is the way the Saville “brand-name” is now being used everywhere to give cod legitimacy to claims. The police and the state are now part of these capers and are compromised as genuine impartial investigators. And that is bad news for everybody–apart from the femmis and the abuse industry.

  11. So how far have we got? Can we now say that this all adds up to Murphy supporting someone who covered up child abuse?

  12. ‘A reporter anonymously admitted last year that he had found Jimmy Savile on a mattress at the BBC with a little girl.’

    Which BBC building and how did the mattress get there? I can’t help feeling that someone might have raised a question at a mattress being lugged into the building. Did the reported work for the BBC or was he/she in the habit of just wandering around BBC buildings? Questions questions.

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