Had a Sparrowhawk hunting off the office window ledge this morning. Been around for a few days as well, I think they might be nesting up on top somewhere.

10 thoughts on “Rather fun”

  1. Raptors used to be hunted mercilessly and were rare. Now they are protected and common. How many songbirds does it take to raise a brood of raptors? Does hunting by raptors have an effect on the UK songbird population? Questions questions.

  2. If you could train the raptors to remove the urban flying rats (aka pigeons) rather than the thrushes, wrens, larks and finches etc then I would be equally excited.

  3. @ diogenes
    They don’t need training. A sparrowhawk left the feathers of a pigeon in our garden once. The trouble is that hawks are not normally urban birds which is why urban flying rats are able to proliferate.

  4. Have you seen the peregrines at Norwich Cathedral? Can’t do links so just Google it and see the live feed.

    I have a wild duck sitting on eggs just 4 yards from my computer desk!

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