Sack the bitch, now

No, don’t wait until Monday, get ‘er gone today:

The Telegraph has now published details of a recording of a telephone call made by Mrs Miller’s adviser to one of its reporters.

In the conversation, the adviser said she wanted to “flag up” that the Culture Secretary was currently involved in discussions over the future of press regulation.

You’re fired. Go.

6 thoughts on “Sack the bitch, now”

  1. She should have gone months ago. i’m thoroughly ashamed of my Parliamentary Party’s continuously corrupt behaviour, both private and public.

  2. Old news. The only new thing is the Telegraph has released the tape. She should have gone ages ago but Cameron needs women and people from comps. To that extent, she is the Guardian’s dream, a self triangulating suspect device that will go off regularly between now and Election Day.

  3. Nope. Keep her as long as possible. Every time an MP doesn’t do the decent thing and literally run into a sword for their dishonour, it’s creating a healthy level of contempt for those that run the country.

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