They’re going to do what to prostitutes?

Legislation to enforce a “Swedish model” of anti-prostitution laws in Northern Ireland that criminalise the buyers of sex would be unworkable because the devolved government at Stormont has no powers to authorise telephone bugging operations.

The region’s justice minister, David Ford, has told the Guardian he is far from convinced over the plans because mobile intercepts – crucial in prosecutions in countries which have introduced the laws – are rarely used even in cases against republican and loyalist terror groups.

I beg your pardon?

In order to stop the vile crime of some bloke paying £10 for a handjob they’re suggesting that the police should be allowed to tap random phone calls? Go on fishing expeditions? For of course the phone that the tart makes the assignation on will likely to be the same one she orders a pizza on. And the whole point of the tapping will be to determine which is which.

Can we just get on with shooting everyone proposing this vileness please?

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  1. Remind me again why it’s supposedly so virtuous to legalise the seller of sexual services, but criminalise the buyer?

    What if we took this approach to drugs?

  2. Remind me again why it’s supposedly so virtuous to legalise the seller of sexual services, but criminalise the buyer?

    Because the feminists insist that, wholly unlike other women, prostitutes are uniquely without agency and unable to make their own decisions. Therefore they hold pure victim status.

    You can see a similar dance of deliberate (even malicious) ignorance around the sex slavery idiocy. It is simply unthinkable to these people that a woman could volunteer to be an economic migrant knowing that she might (or definitely will) be a tart when she gets to wherever. Therefore trafficking must, by definition, equal sexual exploitation which, by definition, equals sex slavery. Despite the fact that being a tart away from friends, family and current or eventual partner limits the ongoing nature of what, in many places, is the social stigma attached to the profession.

    Maggie McNeill is the person on point for that sort of thing.

  3. Oh FFS! Hookers use unregistered SIMs. Lots of them. There’s usually a different phone for each punter source. it’s how they keep tabs on where to advertise. Then there’s the number they’ll give to regulars. because the other ones get chucked regularly. And the fone they use for the boyfriend. And the different number Mum’s got. And probably one just to order pizza.
    Hookers have bags full of fones. it’s how you know they’re hookers.
    Best of British trying to keep tabs on that lot.

  4. Oh, and hookers never make any calls on any of those fones because they’ve never got any credit on any of them. There’ll be an entirely different PAYG SIM they return work calls on.

  5. As I’ve said before, the femmi-commissars are at the cutting edge of tyranny in this country. The Swedish model bullshit is open aggression against men and women. Women because it puts those women who want to have sex with men, albeit for cash, in the position of helpless, mentally challenged victims who must–violently if needs be (and it often is with bluebottles taking advantage of their chances to abuse and pressure the women into a few free samples )–be saved from themselves by the femmi-crusaders and their mangina allies. In fact, this shite won’t stop paid sex, but just makes life worse for the women. Not that the femmis give a shit compared to the pleasure they get from attacking men and sex.

    The senior anti-sex league is always on the job.

  6. Best thing the profession could do is take out an ad in a national carrying the names of prominent customers. Guardian could probably carry it as a 16 page colour pull-out. Debate’d go very quiet around then.

  7. SE: Intercepts are not needed because of prostitution. Intercepts are for the police state they want. Paid sex is just the excuse.

  8. ” I can see why they might be useful. ”
    Why useful, SE? Try listening to the girl’s end of a conversation. They very rarely say anything could be useful. Nothing that couldn’t be interpreted as anything other than the disclaimer on any escort’s website. “The service paid for is companionship. Anything else that might occur subsequent to a meeting is a matter of private concern.” You’d get no more traction than with a fone call to a female lawyer. The punter may ask specific questions but the replies are usually extremely vague. Legal aspects aside, that’s how the business works. If nothing else, so they can tell the shambling ape with halitosis arrives on the doorstep, sex isn’t on the menu & never was.

  9. bis,

    “Best thing the profession could do is take out an ad in a national carrying the names of prominent customers. Guardian could probably carry it as a 16 page colour pull-out. Debate’d go very quiet around then.”

    It wouldn’t make much difference. This is mostly now being driven by the sort of spoilt, unreasonable, good-for-nothing feminists who repeatedly use the law to make themselves richer and powerful despite giving very little back to society. They want to control men while also making poorer women who want a better life to stay where they are.

    That announcement will be another few thousand votes to UKIP. Any bloke who likes a bit of whoring who hadn’t already seen that the Tories are more interested in trying to win the votes of Polly Toynbee and Laurie Penny than middle-aged men is now going to be switching to a party that he thinks probably will support his liberties.

  10. I know, just for fun, let’s criminalise the buying of sex under any circumstances, with any currency at all. Let’s place an onus on both parties to prove that

    a) no reward of any kind was promised or given; and that
    b) sex was delivered with no expectation of any future consideration.

    I can see that getting amusing, fucking fast.

  11. @Frederick – no I think Sweden is Europe’s rape capital for other reasons.

    @sam – in my wilder Aldous Huxley moments I wonder if my grandson, fifty years hence, might not have to have a State permit to have sex with his… not wife, obviously, his something else.

    It’s mad, I know, but so much stuff that graces the pages of the Guardian and the interior of the heads of a sizeable percentage of our country’s ‘leaders’ is mad, so who fucking knows?

    If you view it all as a war first on the family and later on other interpersonal relationships it kind of makes sense, in a makes-no-sense-at-all sort of way.

  12. That Guardian reports reads almost like disappointment. I thought they didn’t like the State snooping on people?

    Oh, my mistake.

  13. @bis, all true but slightly missing the point that this is hardly a “crime” warranting [sic] phone tapping in the first place.

  14. Well that’s a given, BiG.
    But given the law enforcement agency’s role is supposed to be investigation, you’d think they’d have investigated their subject of investigation enough to have worked out it’s going to be bloody hard to keep tabs on the ever changing numbers attached to the multiplicity of fones toted by the average hooker.
    I’m guessing they’re hopeful of capturing the numbers of punters calling advertised numbers. F**k knows where they think that’ll get them, because most of the punters’ll be using an unregistered fone as well. Because that’s what punters do. Coz of wives ‘n that. Much more frightening entities than Plod.

  15. BiS said “Hookers use unregistered SIMs” and “most of the punters’ll be using an unregistered fone as well”.

    What’s the betting the next thing to be banned will be unregistered SIMs? Probably through a “voluntary co-operation” with the mobile phone companies.

  16. “What’s the betting the next thing to be banned will be unregistered SIMs? ”

    That’s in the pipeline. At which point I’m migrating to a foreign fone for all mobile use in UK. I currently have a choice of 8 for 5 countries.

  17. Another triumph for joined up lawmaking, that. Just fabulous.

    So having declared prostitutes inherently innocent, we will tap their phones just like we do with suspected criminals, because the other party in the exchange is automatically guilty of…er…something, possibly just being a man, and tapping the entire electorate in case they ring for a bit more than companionship is *just* a bit too totalitarian.

  18. Bloke in Costa Rica

    How is this going to affect end-to-end encrypted voice comms like Skype or WhatsApp? Apart from boosting their use, that is?

  19. It all may be that men wont ‘commit’ much any more. So there is an economic angle.
    Better risk the clap than bankruptsy in divorce.
    After all many women now rely on the accumulated wealth of men to finance their life later on.

  20. It’s interesting how these things suddenly bubble up, isn’t it? It was being pushed for the UK in the Telegraph the other day. I presume this is the result of some EU bollox that we plebs aren’t in on.

    Ditto gay marriage, of course.

  21. BiCR, they don’t care so much about what’s in the call so much as who’s calling who. Then they can draw lovely diagrams of who is a mate of who, and therefore who else to look at if you give them any problems.

  22. And finally, you guys are still allowed unregistered SIMs? I’d make the most of that, if I were you. And don’t forget, swapping SIMs achieves nothing. They can still track your IMEI.

  23. The amusing thing is the more the authorities try to gain control, the less they lose it.
    Even Skype users may be unaware of some of the paid for services offered.
    There’s the Skype Number. This will allocate you a landline fone number in many countries. Calls made to this number will be routed to you, via Skype. Outgoing Skype calls can prompt the receiver’s fone to show this number on their caller display. There’s also Skype Forward. This reroutes any incoming Skype calls to your mobile or fixfone.
    Add to this other, non-Skype, VOIP services. The less well known Skype competitors, Wassap etc etc and it’s possible to do most of your fone activity without troubling the conventional fone networks at all.
    It’s going to be interesting if the current experiments being done with high altitude, long loiter drone & balloon based data relays don’t potentially free communication from in-country control altogether. And, of course, there’s always the Darknet.

  24. “What’s the betting the next thing to be banned will be unregistered SIMs? ”

    That’s in the pipeline.

    I’m pretty sure a quick perusal of old espionage manuals will reveal plenty of interesting tricks for discreet communication. Which the whippersnappers at GCHQ will have forgotten all about.

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