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Yes, another reason why a carbon tax is a good idea.

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  1. I was peripherally involved in the construction of Drax during the first phase.

    What is happening and has been inflicted on this power station is a tragedy.

    I escorted many politicians, journalists, analysts and others round the construction site. A visit to the top of the chimney – then the tallest multi-flued chimney in Europe (and may still be for all I know) – was breathtaking. And once in the turbine hall with the 3 x 660MW generators painted bright blue and the overhead cranes in bright yellow, every visitor was always awe-struck.

    It has often been said that the turbine halls of modern power stations are the cathedral interiors of our age.

    That this 3.6 GW station with 6 generators now be subject to this kind ignorant political fumbling is a scandal.

    The generation of power station construction at its apogee in the latter days of the CEGB gave the current grid its main source of ‘grunt’. That they now be cast aside in favour of useless wind turbines is a farce.

  2. Bloke in Central Illinois

    A carbon tax, if implemented, would be *in addition* to the ridiculously complex web of Green regulations and subsidies that we have now. Surely you realize that.

  3. “All of which is intensely irritating of course. We now actually have that correct (if rather Heath Robinson) system to reduce emissions. Yet the politicians are still playing games as if they don’t realise that they’ve already solved the problem.”

    So really Tim, your title should have been, “Yes, another reason why a carbon tax is a bad idea”.

    And you can apply that to a “land-value tax” or any other theoretical pontification that pretends it can supersede the inherent negatives of human nature with wishful thinking. Any special tax is just another layer of government; it will never replace other layers of government.

  4. I like to read WWII history. What I find difficult to understand is the loyalty of the German generals up to the end. Reading about the last days in the bunker, when Hitler was directing troops to man machinegun position on the inner crossroads of Berlin, the generals did humble themselves before Hitler, hanging on to his very words, hoping for promotion. Later on I realised that they were not such fools at all, as the Western German government did pay them pensions, so all that playing humble and obedient did pay off.

    Now, with the global temperatures flatlining for the last 17 years, and the AGW mob running about, headless, manning the proverbial machine gun posts in the besieged capital of the AGW mafia, I ask myself, why is Tim still spouting such rubbish about the carbon Tax? What is there in it for him? Is there a promised pension in the background? Or just plain pride as it is to painful to admit, that for a moment there, he swallowed the biggest lie of the 21st century, hook, line and sinker.

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