Well, you’d rather hope so, wouldn’t you?

He may have inherited his mother’s eye colour, but otherwise Prince George is very much his father’s son, as the world had a chance to see yesterday when he arrived in New Zealand.

The eight month-old future king bore a striking resemblance to Prince William at a similar age when he, too, visited Australasia with his parents.

There’s a saying that a baby will look like its father. On the grounds that those that do so will get more male parental attention and thus be more likely to survive. The background being that looking like one’s father lessens the suspicion that there’s a cuckoo in the nest.

Which is great providing that the presumed father is indeed so. And it’s rather built into this idea of primogeniture that we do rather hope that this is so in this case.

7 thoughts on “Well, you’d rather hope so, wouldn’t you?”

  1. I recall reading a few years ago (perhaps on this very site) that the mother’s family are usually very keen to say how like the father a baby looks. Meanwhile the father and his family are somewhat less convinced.

    I wonder when we will move to obligatory paternity tests? Is deliberate deception by the mother considered fraud, and has there ever been any recourse for a father who has been duped in to bringing up someone else’s child?

  2. I work with a guy called James Hewitt.

    Just saying; nothing whatsoever to do with this post, honest.

  3. I love your do-it-yourself biology, Tim; it reminds me that you believe in all the Global Warmmongering tripe.

  4. My first reaction too Ironman. I’ve always said Prince William looks very much like his father. And so does Harry.

  5. “we do rather hope that this is so in this case..”

    You’re assuming that William has more monarch potential in his genes than some random bloke Catherine might have shagged out of boredom in the Palace. Given his own parentage, I’m not entirely sure that’s true. Remember that Charles’ real lunacy didn’t show up till he hit forty or so.

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