What disgusting sexism this is!

Two years after an industry campaign was launched to increase the number of women heard on television and radio, male experts still outnumber female experts on the main news programmes by a ratio of four to one.

The research by City University also found there were more than three times as many male reporters as women.

So, men choose the profession of reporter more than women do. And, as we know, more women than men take career breaks to have and raise children, meaning that the pool of “experts”, those who have risen to the top of their career paths, will tend male.

It’s all vile and disgusting sexism of course.

14 thoughts on “What disgusting sexism this is!”

  1. What I find particualrly funny is the campaign against what campaigners (Kirsty Wark, Harriet Harman) would see as ‘sexist ageism’; the practice of booting, er, mature female presenters off TV in favour in younger rivals.

    It’s funny because it isn’t a campaign to have more women on TV as such, but a campaign to keep their jobs at the expense of the young crumpet, sorry, talented young women. So keeping talented young women in their place becomes a feminist cause, in the process destroying the very foundations of the feminist cause.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    It is probably more than just children. Men are more likely to suffer from autism. You know, the real autism, not the dumbed down “My child is middle class and so can’t be stupid” form we have today (see also dyslexia). Mild autism is highly likely to be connected with being an expert on something.

    Look at trainspotters.

  3. Yes. Well. I’m reminded of the journalist who was recently telling us British households each dispose of 4.2 million tonnes of wasted food a year.
    One might be able to detect another reason, there.

  4. A culture dominated by the media is likely to be obsessed by bollocks trivia like this. This ‘issue’ affects perhaps a hundred people, tops. It is about as vital a national issue as a pothole on the A46.

  5. My child is middle class and so can’t be stupid” form we have today (see also dyslexia).

    Heh! I remember thinking this about the dyslexia lot when I was at school. Kid a bit of a thicko who doesn’t bother reading? Invent a condition which requires them to have more time in maths(!) exams “so they can read the questions”.

  6. Bloke with a Boat

    “The Today programme between 6am and 7am still has the worst ratio of any programme monitored in any category for the representation of women. It has just over three males on air to every female,” according to the survey.

    Hmm, how about women have conned men in to getting up at sparrow fart whilst they have a lie in and nice relaxed breakfast as an explanation?

  7. There should be a mandatory disclaimer from City University, stating how many women and how many men worked on the study. And what is the ratio of men:women at City University? And how many men working on the study gave in to the women in hopes of getting some?

  8. “The research”

    I used to think of university research as people struggling to discover new information, to increase the total of human knowledge and understanding.

    I now realize that at some institutions, it merely means listening to radio 4 and counting. Such is dumbed down Britain today…

  9. There is a shortage of people over seventy on the Tv. And be assured we know almost everything worth knowing and so must be experts ( as well as skilled curmudgeons)

  10. Could not have anything to do with the fact that women are thick as two short planks, could it?

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