May 2014

Ryanair’s new website seriously sucks

Umm, if I’ve used the site in Portuguese and English today (which I have) why am I getting an email in some unknown Scandinavian language?

Välkommen Tim


Tack för att du registrerade dig i Min Ryanair.

Du kan logga in för att uppdatera din profil när som helst. Ange din e-postadress för att logga in samt lösenordet du valde.

Den information du har registrerat kommer att göra din bokningsprocess mycket snabbare och enklare.

Vi ser fram emot att hälsa dig välkommen ombord snart.

Vänliga hälsningar,
Ryanairs kundserviceavdelning

Välkommen ombord snart is fun though, I have to admit.

A lone nutter does not prove that the world is misogynist

Women have had enough. The stares. The butt-grabs. The little comments. And now this: a man writes a 140-page misogynist manifesto before killing six people, and yet – still – women are called hysterical for insisting this tragedy was driven by sexism.

In the days since Elliot Rodger murdered six people in Isla Vista, California, citing hatred of women and sexual rejection as the reason for his rampage, women across the world have come out en masse to share their stories of everyday sexism and misogyny – and to tell the world that enough is enough. On Twitter, Tumblr and on the streets, women laid bare just how pervasive sexism still is, and shot back against detractors desperate to believe that misogyny had nothing to do with the Rodger rampage.

The reason women mobilized so quickly after the shooting is because we recognized immediately the language and ideology in Rodger’s videos and manifesto: the over-the-top sexual entitlement; the rage against women who “dared” to reject him; the antiquated, but nonetheless terrifying, belief that women should not be in control of their own sexual choices. Regardless of Rodger’s mental health issues – which we still don’t know much about – his ideas were not “crazy” by the standards of the world today. They are the norm.

No dear. That 3.5 billion men did not, this past week, wander out and murder 6 people because said 3.5 billion men were not getting laid enough shows the opposite of what you are claiming. That it was a rare event shows that society isn’t like that, not that it is.

The Lancet’s nonsense on the Manifesto for Planetary Health

Dear God these people are stupid:

It’s running out of some of the things that we depend on, like tantalum in mobile phones or iridium in GPS devices and things like that.

No, really, the man knows not whereof he speaks. Iridium is a brand name for GPS systems, yes it is. But this is because the original design was to have 77 satellites and iridium, the metal, is element 77. There’s no actual iridium, the metal, used in Iridium, the GPS system.

We’re getting into real loons on the loose territory here if people are building their desired world governance systems out of such misunderstandings of reality.

Great moments in Higher Education

And in what may be the most satisfying irony to come our way in many years, the Dean of Admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology– the very person responsible for assessing academic credentials and, in fact, the author of a book of advice for college-bound students–confessed in 2007 that each of her advanced degrees was strictly imaginary.

Ritchie on capitalism

But let’s not pretend here: there is no such thing as inclusive capitalism. By definition capitalism is about the creation of inequality. In a capitalist system trade and industry are undertaken by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Their goal is the accumulation of ever more resources under their control because that is the way they can ensure their survival. However, in a world where resources are finite this command over ever-increasing shares of resources inevitably means more and more will lose out as a consequence. You don’t have to be a Marxist to think that: you merely have to observe the world as it is. Marx forgot increasing productivity and technical innovation in his analysis…..

What? Marx forgot about increasing productivity and technical innovation?


Umm, wasn’t it actually all about exactly that? The incredible increase in both brought about by industrial capitalism? To such an extent that pretty soon right now we will have beaten the economic question of scarcity and true communism will follow?

Is there no beginning to this man’s knowledge of economics?

Most food has never been halal or kosher

So Cadbury’s has been caught with some pork fat in its chocolate bars in Malaysia. Tsk:

Chocolate maker Cadbury has recalled two products in mainly Muslim Malaysia after traces of pig DNA were found during a routine check for non-halal substances.

“Cadbury has voluntarily removed two of its products from the shelves,” said the Malaysian health minister, S Subramaniam.

The tests were conducted by the ministry which over the weekend announced that two Cadbury products contained pork traces.

Chocolate products are popular in Malaysia and can be found in most shops nationwide.
Pork and its byproducts are not considered halal – permissible – and are forbidden for Muslims to consume, along with alcohol and meat from animals not slaughtered according to Islamic procedures.

Clearly, not good for the company.

However, I’m reminded of a little story I heard somewhere or other. Some decent number of our more recent immigrants into the UK are vegetarian for religious and or cultural reasons. And they continue to eat the diet they had before: dahls and curries and rice and so on. But doctors are seeing dietary diseases, anaemias and so on, products of protein deficiency, in some of these people. Problems that didn’t appear with the same diet in the Old Country.

The explanation offered is that Third World food chains are so infested with insects and weevils and the like that people were getting a significant amount of animal (or at least insect) protein even while eating a nominally vegetarian diet. Our much cleaner food supply chain doesn’t offer this: thus the protein deficiencies.

And this leads to the idea that historic food chains have never actually been properly halal or kosher. Sure, they might not actually have had pig fat in them but there’s much more to both sets of dietary restrictions than that. It’s only with modern food handling (and detection as well) practices that it’s even possible to get close to the ideals.

Calling Chris Snowden


“Similarly, cigarettes have gone from being socially acceptable to quite unacceptable after warning labels were implemented.

“The effectiveness of tobacco warnings and plain packaging is now accepted by almost everyone not linked to the industry.”

This is in the Lancet for fuck’s sake. Isn’t that supposed to be a scientific journal or summat?

There is no evidence at all that plain packs have done anything.

Nope, wrong decision

Hate crime laws should be extended to cover the disabled, transsexuals and people targeted because of their sexual orientation, the Law Commission has said.

The commission said it “sent the wrong message” that although police can record hate crimes against a number of groups the law does not allow all those offences to receive tougher punishments in the courts.

That someone punches you because you are richer in melanin, worship a different God or none, get your sexual jollies one way or another, the point that matters is that someone has assaulted you by punching you. That’s the crime that has been committed and that’s the crime that should be punished.

The very idea of a “hate crime” itself as a definition is hateful.

Charlie doesn’t really get this economics shit, does he?

Prince Charles has called for an end to capitalism as we know it in order to save the planet from global warming.

In a speech to business leaders in London, the Prince said that a “fundamental transformation of global capitalism” was necessary in order to halt “dangerously accelerating climate change” that would “bring us to our own destruction”.


We’ve actually spent quite a bit of time and effort, as a species, having a look into this. What do we need to do as a species to maximise the personal utility of all humans over time? What gives us the best society in short?

And the answer is a world of globalised capitalism, but one that has moved from fossil fuels to other energy collection and or generation methods. And that’s it. This really is the answer that the SRES and the IPCC and the Stern and all the rest of the reports come up with.

Regionalised or localised, rather than global, economies produce worse results. Socialist or social democratic societies produce worse results. Both in terms of future living standards (always) and in terms of carbon emissions and thus climate change (almost always).

Or, as I once wrote a whole book pointing out, all we need or want is globalised capitalism and a carbon tax.

Be there or be square

Book Launch: 23 Things We ARE Telling You About Capitalism – A free copy to each attendee!

Speaker: Tim Worstall
Date: Tuesday, 10th June
Venue: ASI Office..

Tuesday, June 10
at 6:00pm – 7:30pm in UTC+01

Adam Smith Institute
23 Great Smith Street, SW1P 3BL London, United Kingdom

So now we know what Ritchie says about it

I would like a tax authority in the UK that knows what it is responsible for and states facts, not fiction when it comes to news releases. Right now we have not got that, and on this particular item matters are getting steadily worse.

Such releases might appeal to the vanity of ministers. They might be used to justify cuts. But the truth is that they don’t collect tax. Only people on the ground do that and they are having their jobs cut. That’s the issue and HMRC are ignoring it. No, worse, they’re trying to disguise the impact if those cuts.

Because HMRC are not collecting more tax by employing more of my union paymasters therefore HMRC must be lying.

Nothing like having a connection with reality, is there?