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A little glossing of Ritchie’s career here

In my forties every thing changed. Over quite a short period time, and without the process being planned (even if the conviction that drove that process was very clear) tax justice and economic campaigning almost literally took over my life, giving me a purpose that I had never enjoyed before, much as I enjoyed my commercial career.

What then? I became a blogger. And twitter followed. And research. And writing. And books. Plus television and radio. But all if it for a reason: to effect change on behalf of those who lose from the current structure of the world’s economic system. That is the unambiguous goal.

Not quite. Murphy Deeks Nolan had to be sold as that divorce (cannot recall whether from Deeks or Nolan) meant that everyone wanted their capital back. So there was a little interregnum then that led to those famed Observer articles on how to create a services company for your nanny etc. At which point, realising that making a living as a freelance is more difficult than it looks, there was a hunt around for some paying bandwagon to leap aboard.

But then I am such a terrible cynic, aren’t I?

9 thoughts on “A little glossing of Ritchie’s career here”

  1. And in 2006 he had to move into the most expensive house in town. Still more than double the value of 75% of those of his neighbours in his postcode.

    It’s an important part of the equality campaigning. Let’s not forget that. Someone has to live in that house – may as well be him.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    dearieme: Not that I quite understand the sentence, mind

    …but if I just said he was totally and irretrievably up himself you’d have said you knew that already.


  3. This is arguably the most hilarious post I have ever seen (up against stiff competition) – two paragraphs of instant self – parody:

    ‘But so too is reading, reading and then reading some more….so at the end of the day self- awareness, honesty and the ability to decide is also vital’

    I have never seen any blogger/ journalist/ politico who is either less widely read or as lacking in self awareness and ego than Murphy. His lack of knowledge of history, economics, politics and basically anything beyond a sense of his own self- importance is truly shocking, hence why personally, coming back to the UK is partly dependent on the Conservatives not losing the general election in 2015. Living under a government whose chief economic advisor is basically an unabashed totalitarian does not float my boat.

    ‘But under it all, there is something important to say which is that conviction matters, most of all. I have never seen anything of real worth happen where making money was the ultimate goal’

    As Adrian points out – this guy lives in a house double the value of 75% of people in his postcode – the quintessential behaviour of at best a champagne socialist, at worst a North Korean/ Soviet commissar – it isn’t hard to imagine him as a propagandist for totalitarianism . I once called him the most dangerous man in Britain. I stand by that, and would add he is the closest thing to pure evil I have ever seen in the blogosphere – truly reprehensible….

  4. Meissen Bison

    I’m not sure whether telling him he has disappeared up his own arse and him not realising you’ve done so funny or sad.

    I’ll leave it to you to decide, the prize for Tax Research UK Post of the Year is yours already.

  5. The Meissen Bison


    The joy of the thing is to gauge how far his vanity will blind him to the possibility that he’s being ribbed.

    The award is very kind but possibly premature since the project is not yet complete…

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