Alan’s been saying this for 15 years now

He may have founded Ukip, but Alan Sked’s moderate, Brussels-boycotting party has gone rogue – and the academic is desperate to stop the bandwagon he first set rolling

Or is it only 14 years since he stomped out in a huff?

4 thoughts on “Alan’s been saying this for 15 years now”

  1. I joined in the days when Sked was leader; if I hadn’t left and rejoined after a gap of three years, I’d be the proud holder of a 3-digit membership number. It was, incidentally, David Coburn who got me back in.

  2. And even in his day there was a lady working in the party office (in Regent Street) who was a member of the BNP. She wouldn’t join UKIP but was happy to volunteer in support of the cause. Whether Sked was aware of this I have no idea.

  3. Don’t you mean “flounced out”?
    His praise of the renationalised East Coast which has by far the most complaints by passengers (25% of the national total last time I looked) demonstrates his detachment from reality that fails to suit his prejudices.

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